Wednesday, September 5, 2012

About me

We have been learning about personal and private information online and how we present ourselves online. Personal information is information we can share safely online. Private information we 
should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher. If we are not sure we will keep it private.

Greeting I'm Siniva and I am a Samoan girl but I was born in New Zealand, I love to draw but mostly my drawing is a sketch. I love to spend time with my family. My favourite subject is writing, reading and art. I'm the youngest out of my brothers and sister. My favourite band is fun, I also like sports like netball, volleyball and basketball most of the sports I like have the word ball in it. One of the books which I thinks it is a great story is Anne Frank a young girl living the hard life, she was one of the jews who lived in German the year when Hitler was ruling so I get know how they feel and how did the Jews survive. My favourite food is mostly junk food but one of the thing I love is cheese it like my favourite food and butter chicken I just love the taste. When I grown up I hoping to be in the fashion business somehow I have a love fashion I just have a passion for fashion.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Nick Willis

Nick Willis earned a silver medal by running 1500m in Beijing in 2008. Nick Willis was born in Lower Hutt and attended Hutt Valley High School. Nick became the fastest New Zealand high school student to run over a mile, when he ran the distance in four minutes. Nick Willis running went to the United States to take up an athletic scholarship at the University in 2002, he came fourth in the 1500m at the world Junior track and field championships in Kingston. By 2004 he was starting to make a name for himself internationally in the 1500m and he reached the semifinals. At the 2005 world championships in Helsinki, Willis again reached the semifinals and New Zealand knew he was good. Nick Willis went a long way to answering those doubter at Melbourne Commonwealth games in 2006, Nick ran as fast as he could so he could win gold. By following in the footsteps of Lovelock, Willis’ winning time in Melbourne was 3 minutes.

He built on that performance by reaching the final of the world championships in 2007 in Osaka. In 2008 Nick Willis came 2nd and he used all his experience to progress to the final of the Olympic 1500m in Beijing. In the 1500m final Willis stayed at the back of the pack of runners for most of the races.

My Report about Taekwondo.

Taekwondo teaches you how to Kick, punch and block  and Taekwondo also teaches you how to get out when someone grabs you. Taekwondo is about self-defence and self- control. Taekwondo was invented in Korea, by the soldier ‘Choi Hong Hi’ .The year of 2002 Choi Hong Hi past away, so this means Taekwondo is not really an old sport.  Taekwondo and Judo are the only Asian martial-art in the olympics.

Taekwondo has become a popular sport around the world, this year only 3 people from New Zealand are participating in Taekwondo in the Olympics. Taekwondo helps you to develop strength, speed, balance and flexibility. As you reach a higher belt level, you are able to break wood with your hands and feet. All you need is strength. It takes a while to earn a black belt if you're doing Taekwondo. Both genders both love playing this sport Taekwondo and many people train hard to be the best of their country.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Super Hero!

This term we have been studying the work of a New Zealand artist, Robyn Kahukiwa. She taught us that everyone has a Super Hero inside them. 

My superhero is based on my dad,mum and Mother mary.
The patterns represent my dad, in his cultural way.
The dress represent my mum, because she loves to wear dresses to church.
The cross represent mother mary, because the rosary.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Howick Historical Village

It was the day when we all left school,only Rooms 5,3,6 and 7 went. It was the day when we all time travelled to the past. That’s right it was the day when we went to Howick Historical Village And we also have to dress up in olden day clothes, I was so excited I just wanted to jump up and sing with the crew on the bus. At last as I was thinking, we were  finally here!, I could tell everyone just wanted to burst out and say “YEAH’. There were 3 lady that lead us,I was very shocked when I look around it was very clean, the lady welcome us in. First lady told us just have something to eat before we start. After we had our small meal everyone had to line up. The lady told us her name when we were about to start her name was Mrs White, my class was waiting for the other class as they were chatting a long. Mrs White use her hands to make a NOISE!, it was very LOUD.Then she Pointed at us and said This Class is the winner, My Class start to Jump , And all said YEAH! then Mrs Moodley Lead us to the Big House and she was also very pound of us.

When we got there we all just saw a lady there, waiting for us she was wearing clothes from 1800’s, then she announced her name. Her name was Mrs Dodds, she greeted us in but before laddies must go first and we must wipe our feet. Everybody seem excited I knew that I was, Mrs Dodds ask Mrs Moodley we could have two teams, while later we were about to start our first games, she starts off by saying Hello room 6 she gave us some informations about the big house, then gave a fact about kids in 1800’s. Mrs dodds told us the kids will use their brains to make a game. One of the things she told us which I didn't see that coming that kids back then got a tie rope for christmas. Then she show us how to play. She told us we could start from top and down. 1..2..3..GO! everyone start making a noise and cheering their team mate on. Next game was kind of Gross for male and female before we started off, Mrs Dodds told us this is how the boy and girl got along in the 1800s and boys will marry girls in a early age, What Age? 12 or 11 Eww all of us reply. Mrs Dodds got two soft balls it was made out of cotton, we all find the game very not simple, We had to carry the ball from our neck!, And the only thing I like about that game we were all working as a team. It was the last game that we were going to play, it was called squeak piggy squeak. It was one of my favourite!, one of the kids got pick of of the circle, It was the game you can change your voices. After the game we got a chance to look around the house.

As we were walking I could see the school from here, I wonder what was it like to go school there?. The other class saw us there and then they warn us by telling us don’t say a word.
When we got there Mrs Mills told us some rules and all listen and follow, I was shocked then she let the Girls go inside first, ladies first. I did not heard a sound I just heard the wind outside and the boys feel stomping in. Good Morning class, Good Morning Mrs Mills as we reply, then the boys bow as the girl cruises. We started off doing handwriting with nibs and ink, It was hard really hard. After that we had a challenge, Girls vs Boy in a spelling contest. It was fun but it turn that the Girls won!. What I have learn about kids in the 1800s that they were thankful what they have got and they listen and did what they were told. I really enjoy going to school I wonder what we are doing next.

When our next activity was buiting something, each of us went in a group the lady which was helping us build our trolley, her name was Mrs White, she set us up into groups. When we saw our part of the trolley it look hard to make but the only thing I know that would make it better if we work as a TEAM!. The really hard bit I think was trying to find the right way to sit on it. But I really enjoy working as a team with other kids that I don’t really hang around with. When wave good bye to Mrs White and then we got our lunch and then got something to eat. All the Kids ate their lunch quickly and went to around howick historical. It was our turn to go for out tor as they called it treasure hunt we had to find something that was not in the 1800s. It was a thinking tor we all visit the whole museum, but when we all heard the bell it was time to go.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mum is the best

My Mum is the best mum because she wants me to be a clever girl by taking me to school. She loves me like I am her only child (BUT THAT'S NOT TRUE I AM HER YOUNGEST CHILD). She will never give up on me by telling me I can do anything but first I must use my brain. She keeps on cheering for me. When I am upset she gives me a HUG which is heartwarming and loving. I may be 10 now but she still treats me like I am 5. She Cares for me by worrying about me and caring about me when I get sick. Even when my mum is on her own she still says to me “Everything is going to be okay”. She is a Mother and kind of a father to me and my brothers and sister. She always lights my face up when I’m sad, she always goes to work so we can go to school with a good education and have stuff that some other children might not have. I will tell you one of the things my mum is great at.... 

 Everything!!!!! By Siniva Sanato