Thursday, November 14, 2013


On Wednesday, we all gather to watch the movies that the school in our cluster made, which is now held at Sylvia park. St Pius Movie, Room 3 “Success” was great, it show how little things in life could be a success and help you in anyway in life. “Eating Healthy” is one that stood out too, it can help you in a challenge in life that you have been battling with. Learning something new everyday is great too, taking these little step could help you with your learning.

Glen Innes primary, “The Chocolate Investigation” was one of my favorites. Not only it made me fall out of my chair but also made me think about a world without chocolate, it would great for your health but really theres nothing like having a chocolate stuff in your mouth. The crew was funny and fluent. Hey! maybe they could give us some acting tips, who knows where it could lead them in life?.

Point England the Haka!, was interesting. I never knew that the Haka was telling a story about boy, it was awesome!. I will live or die, I will live or die. It was a great story and point England really did well with the filming too.

“The Magic teacher!” from St Patrick. It was the warning to all the students in the cluster, the teachers have great power this time, so you better watch out what your doing!. Who knows?.

And last of all, “Friends” from Saint Pius x, “What could you say?” memories rushing back was the feeling that students would get. Same as the song, catchy and fun. I say Friends was the best movie!.

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  1. Hi Siniva,
    you have done really well this time. Keep the Wonderful work up. My Favorite Movie from Point England was called 'Manners.' It teaches people to always use your manner wherever you are. You are a really great writer.
    Keep the great work up. From your awesome cousin Alecia. :-)