Thursday, November 14, 2013


On Wednesday, we all gather to watch the movies that the school in our cluster made, which is now held at Sylvia park. St Pius Movie, Room 3 “Success” was great, it show how little things in life could be a success and help you in anyway in life. “Eating Healthy” is one that stood out too, it can help you in a challenge in life that you have been battling with. Learning something new everyday is great too, taking these little step could help you with your learning.

Glen Innes primary, “The Chocolate Investigation” was one of my favorites. Not only it made me fall out of my chair but also made me think about a world without chocolate, it would great for your health but really theres nothing like having a chocolate stuff in your mouth. The crew was funny and fluent. Hey! maybe they could give us some acting tips, who knows where it could lead them in life?.

Point England the Haka!, was interesting. I never knew that the Haka was telling a story about boy, it was awesome!. I will live or die, I will live or die. It was a great story and point England really did well with the filming too.

“The Magic teacher!” from St Patrick. It was the warning to all the students in the cluster, the teachers have great power this time, so you better watch out what your doing!. Who knows?.

And last of all, “Friends” from Saint Pius x, “What could you say?” memories rushing back was the feeling that students would get. Same as the song, catchy and fun. I say Friends was the best movie!.

My Reading test

Here my Reading test. Ready to set-out new goals for next year!

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Best Writing Piece

Times flies past. Still having an Image of my father.
His dark brown eyes shine as he has a big wide
smile on his face, he has short straight dark hair.
Having the Image of his white clothes cover
with wet paint. Different  colours, orange, blue, yellow
and pink. Wearing his blue cap, as he hold his
Paint brush. His white teeth flashed, still no
luck of hearing his voice.

He always seemed to be a happy person. I still remember waking up feeling a paper wrap under my pillow which turn out to be chocolate. As I saw my other older brother awake eating it up. He love his family and especially my sister, she was the most spoiled one. The oldest one was encouraged by our father. Who told him to go play ruby. My dad had a free spirit and it wasn't easy for my sibling's to let him go.

Tears fall, tears rush. A great man has finished his fight against cancer. Not only he was my dad but he was my best friend that I had lost. He was strong, whatever got thrown at him he always fights back, then time came. When he said he just wanted to spend time with us because he knew for sure it was near the end. Still remembering at the playground with my dad and brother, playing and laughing. He was all in for memories before he went.

My dad wasn't like others dads, he didn't smack me when I was in trouble and he was did care about me and my siblings. All he did was talk it through the problems and everyday was a happy day. He was always proud of us. Well my dad did had some rules but he was a great father. Even when he’s gone, I know this is not good bye.    

Communion of Saints

Communion Of Saints....
Saint Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music. She had a great love for Music and the Lord. She had a great love for the lord and was dedicated to the Lord in a very young age. As she grew older she had plan to dedicate her life to the Lord, but that did not happened because her parents wanted her to get married, as she get Married her husband would help the poor. And she is One of the Famous and well-known saint in Rome.

Saint Francis of Assisi is a famous Saint. Who is well-known globe wide. He is the patron saint of Animals. He cared and loved God Creatures and truly a holy man. He had done many things in his life.
He preach and talked about God and he always helped and care for the poor. He preach around Europe and had a great faith in life.  
Saint Pius, he grew up in a poor family, he would save two pair of good sandals and walk home with his own bare feet. As he grew up he became a priest, he loved God with all his life. Soon he became the Pope, living the glamours life. But he stuck to her motto, I was born poor, I lived poor and I wish to died poor. 

Testing Week

This past week, I think that I have made great progress on my Maths. 
I was on stage four, always stuck on that level until now. For this year its  been an uneasy journey with my learning. I feel that I've been spending a lot of on my writing for this year, but for maths I been struggling to learn. Now that I had made a huge different on maths, I believe that there are still more things to learn until I get to the level where I'm supposed to be for next year. Reading and Writing were the only two subjects that I felt confidence in. What I think I need to do with my Writing, is to learn more describing words and Reading I just need to learn to express the understanding of the story. 

Even when sometimes I feel that the test is too hard, all I need to do is to put my head now and think. 
Go with what you feel and what your know. 
I am also glad that I've have progress with with my spelling. With the Score of 55, is better than the score I had in the begging in the year.  
So I believe that this year, I have made a change into my learning and same as my Attitude.