Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reflection of Today & Tuesday and Wednesday

Today starts like this. 

8:26 Up! And finally Its kills me to say.. "Great its Monday" 
I'm half a sleep, forcing myself to go and brush my teeth. Which I do Poorly. Strip out naked and button up my school blouse and skirt. Put my new white sock, roll it down, above my ankle. Untangle my messy hair and braid it right down to the end. Then Jump into the car, re-reading the fault in our stars. Then Sit in class. Learn. Play. Learn. Then Go Home..

We had a early dinner. Take outs. Then while driving, I have witness a Crime. "Animal Accident" on the road. Apparently, my mother says or retells that. The truck on the other lane, ran over The Dog while he saw the Dog on the road. And Just run over it like it was some piece of rubbish. 

Luckily, the owner came along and ran across the road to help his helpless dog. It Hurt me badly. I didn't even want to eat after what I saw. The red blood flowing like a water fall. Streaming down. I closed my eyes. And bit my tongue to stop the screams that would roll off. 

Tuesday was another day of my life devoted to learning and netball. Nothing but another day gone.. Also I just wanna thank one of my favorite teachers.. Of course Mrs William for being so kind and shouting me some dinner.. Thank you! and just so you know I did eat my dinner :) 

Mr Lintott last day with us which is sad :(. 
(Hes only working temporarily). He had a great sense of humor! and is very, very intelligent. 
And I was complimented me for my expressing writing. He thought the Subject I chose was very interesting. 
Which came from the Book The Fault in Our Stars. 
Until Then I will Upload my writing! 

Very Soon I will write again! See Ya!    

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Top Eight!

My Favorites Songs of the Week!
Check out the top ones of the week.
 1.Don't Stop! 
3.Bomb Clap
4.Somebody to You
(Ps video not out for display yet but I saw it on the edge tv music lab. And it was display for the very first time.)

6.Stay with me 
7.We are done

8. Amnesia

Friday, July 25, 2014

Expressive Writing

We have been doing Expressive Writing for the last five days. 
This is my best writing so far. It is about the first day of school.

First day of school. 

The thought of school, only made me more depressed. 

I have isolated the thought of school for the past 2 weeks. Until, now. Homework, socializing, participating. Are so overwhelming. To express my dislike for school could only lead to hate. 

But, still. There is a side to everything. Dislikes and likes. 

The perfect word to explain on, how I was feeling was. Nervous. You can never be sure until you try. 

Their were mixed emotions at first. 
A wave of anxiety will attack me at first. Then haunting comments will follow my path. 

Slowly, I will inhale in the open air. All but hope will be there. 

I felt stuck, like if I couldn't breath, speak or swallow. 
Pain demands to be felt.  
Thats what I know. 

Old memories from the past can still affect you in many ways. 
The End  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reflection of Today

Today, we had a revealer who's name is Mr Lintott. Truly. He inspired me. It was amazing how he set out on how that  our culture was being over taken by Other nations. For example. Halloween. He told us, when he was young Halloween wasn't even a thing back then. 
Now it has become a big event, celebrating the super natural world. "Our Nation" is becoming the other "Nation" Which was a funny thing. Copying the other. Then I had a think about what he said. "You probably know more about america more than you know about new zealand" 
He spoke the truth. But what he said wasn't on it owe, it came from matariki. He was trying to give us motivation about our country, and to learn more where we're from. 
I enjoyed his talk to us. For the first time, I've actually opened by ears.. Today was a great day :)

I'm looking forward for tomorrow..  

Monday, July 21, 2014

First day of School Reflection..

What can I say....
On Sunday I could think of nothing but school!. 
School, a place where you learn, socialize, participate. Those three things were so overwhelming.
 For a Person like me. A person like Siniva. 

I haven't come across this until now. On the first day of school. 
School was isolated from the beginning when holidays began. Now its back to follow my path. Again. 

Non-stop. Memories flickering back. Sad, happy, embarrassing. A collection or a bundle of mixed emotions, attacking me at once. 

Constantly. The pain is like no other. "Clearly" 
Mentally. Not physically. But mentally. 

Like fear. Fear comes from a unpleasant experiences caused by the threat of danger or by pain and harm. 

What I fear. Is neglect, criticism and disapproval. And that comes from socializing. Dark & secretive I may be. But sometimes I can change the way I think. 
Rainbows & sunshine. Positivity! that's when I'm happy. 

But snappy or shady. Thats when I going through a unpleasant time. 

I don't understand my human nature at times. People find, dumb actions funny. 
Me: I think you look like a person who is mentally unstable. Clearly. By the way you act now wonder why?

I get really upset to when people say they didn't have time to do their home work. 
Me: I may sound hypocritical but what were you doing in your spare time. 

Or Mocking about your FEATURES. 
Me: Please. I can say pleanty about you but I chose to be the mature one and say something really mean about your attitude towards others. Because what your doing is lame and insulting to what God has created.

But any how.... My nerves eased after I attended school. And it turned out to be a good day today. 

School was awesome... Can't wait for tomorrow :) 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Review for the Movie tfios!!

The fault in our stars-Review! 

For the past 2 weeks, I have been begging my cousins Dawn to come with me to watch the fault in our stars. 

I'm a big fan of the story and I would probably give 4 stars. 
It is a must see, and to be honest. Augustus Waters was portrayed so well. Same goes to Hazel. I wished the movie could exposed more about their love story and explain a bit more to fill in the gaps. But I enjoyed it. Its a must see and I highly recommend it for those who need a good cry. Sensitive People to be correct. Trust me, you're cry at the end :) 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The fault in our stars!

I have finished the TFIOS! and I am in love with this book. 

I know its mainstream right now but it is a story that needs to be heard. It won my heart. At the end, discovering that Gus was dieing made me realize how lucky I am to be here now. 
Hazel Grace, throughout the book thought that she'd be the one to die. And for the first time she was the healthy one. 

This is one of my favourite books.Truly. I gave thought into this. The quotes are very important. :) Read into it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gain another 2000 Views!

Thank you to those who have been checking my blog. I'm proud to say that I have gain another 200 views! :D



6 Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight | Skinny Menu

6 Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight | Skinny Menu

Anyone who needs to burn some fat? Idk here you go??

Ice Challenge!

Many of my family members have been nominated for the Ice Challenge! Its for cancer so Good on them! 

Here is a Link to SonyaH Blog Page on how her father did the Ice Challenge!
Soooo Check it Out!! Watch it! 

Check out my Fashion illustration on DIY!

This is what I illustrated for my fashion design!
DIY is an awesome site to get skilled!

Here's a Picture of it! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Philomena- Review

The movie I watched was based in Ireland. 
Philomena lee got pregnant at a very young age and her father, sent her to the nuns. 

After she had her son Anthony, she worked there for four years to repay their debt to the nuns for taking care of them *Rolling my eye* The nuns will sell their children and false them to sign adoption paper, remaining that they keep away from their child & not claiming them back. There was no going back. 
Anthony had just turn 50 and it was time for justice. A Journalist has come to help her find her son...
See for yourself...

A five star movie!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Go Animate Math Achievement!

We were only allow 30 seconds here's a Pre-view!

Check it Out!

Blogs Events!

Hey Guys, 
Soo its the holidays right? And I wondering what I can do to make my blog more interesting? So I thought of some Ideas that you should be aware of! 

*Blog Diary?
*Weird/Amazing facts? 
*Things you never knew #Buzzfeed! 
*Short Stories 
*You & I.. Show! Me AND Sonya! 
Beware! Coming Soon:)

*Holiday events! Reflections
*I dare you! Only if Comments are below!

So this is all! So I am very excited for the holidays! Sooo Beware!

Some Might be build ups! Haha! Soo ENJOY!

Term 2 Evaluation

Term 2 has finally end! & Sadly we have Mrs Pole, one of our most dedicated teachers who has sever this school for more than 17 years. We wish her the best! 
I have learned so much, learning new Skills in Math and Reading.
One of the things I thought I have nailed is addition. I am more confident than I used to be and fractions is now more simple. My job is to now push myself up a little bit. 

Reading, my problem is to identify the main idea and to express my thinking by using more vocabulary words. 

Writing, what I am lacking is. Organization, Sentences Structure.  And to put my ideas into each paragraph which is connected to Organization.

My Thoughts:
I personally think I could do better than this term. I plan to be more active and involved for Term 3. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mockingjay ending

Mockingjay Ending:

I have just finished the Mockingjay written by Suzanne Collins. To give a vocabulary list of a description of the book, it was. Phenomenal, Dark, Emotional, Dramatic, Intense Deadly, Impulsive and lastly Heartbreaking. 
I personally thought that there was no sunshine in this book. It created little Scenarios that led on to a big conclusion. I sympathize and grief for characters such as, Finnick, Katniss and Johanna.

My Favourite part of the story is the ending.
That thing that Peeta does when he asks what is real or not real. How Peeta Ask Katniss if she loved him real or not real? 

Whispering "You love me? Real or not real?" and she tells him. "Real" 

I thought the book was romantic, the thing I was stuck on. That Coin had allowed that bomb that Gale and Beetee design. Not only Coin used it to kill several of the capitol children, she used it to kill her own medics which includes Prim. 

Katniss was clever enough to realize that Coin had kill Primrose by putting Prim in the front line of the War. Prim has not been given the privilege of being a Solider and was sent to fight. At the Age of 13. And Pulling that scenario, on how Coin drop the second bomb knowing that Prim had gone to help and Katniss was still down there, was just a sneaking move.

My Theory is, Coin saw Katniss as a threat and knowing that she is the face of the rebellion only made her more powerful than she is. So getting rid of Prim would destroy Katniss. 
Coin never liked Katniss in the beginning, she always favoured Peeta. Boggs had warned Katniss. If Katniss immediate answer isn't Coin for being the new leader then she is a threat.

Besides all the Drama, Coin died after all. It was for the best. She was just as worst as President Snow.

Lastly I will like to say, I highly recommend this to a mature audience. And it is a must read! 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sport Camp!-Recent Event!

On Monday, 
Our School was invited to join the sport camp at Saint Kentigern college. We had all sorts of sports, such as, Netball, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball and all sorts of games. 

My Favorite Part, was playing Basketball. 
Saint Pius was Undefeated! Sooo Far:) 
Team A & Team B! (Two Different teams.)  
Now My Job is to Explain to you, What Was my Favorite Part! & to explain what we did! 
With Go Animate! Soo Check out my blog for more action:) Catch yaa