Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mum is the best

My Mum is the best mum because she wants me to be a clever girl by taking me to school. She loves me like I am her only child (BUT THAT'S NOT TRUE I AM HER YOUNGEST CHILD). She will never give up on me by telling me I can do anything but first I must use my brain. She keeps on cheering for me. When I am upset she gives me a HUG which is heartwarming and loving. I may be 10 now but she still treats me like I am 5. She Cares for me by worrying about me and caring about me when I get sick. Even when my mum is on her own she still says to me “Everything is going to be okay”. She is a Mother and kind of a father to me and my brothers and sister. She always lights my face up when I’m sad, she always goes to work so we can go to school with a good education and have stuff that some other children might not have. I will tell you one of the things my mum is great at.... 

 Everything!!!!! By Siniva Sanato


  1. Hi Siniva
    You have a really lovely description on your mum. I like the part where you said that your mum is great at everything, this is very good keep up the good work Siniva.

  2. Hi Siniva,
    I loved how you said "When I am upset she gives me a hug that is heartwarming and loving". Well done Siniva Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello Siniva I like it how you describe your mother in such beautiful words. I love it how you said "She Cares for me by worrying about me and caring about me when I get sick." Keep up the great work Siniva from Sonya :)

    1. Thank you and I also love your story about your mother.
      Try your best cuzzy!

    2. That is all right and i forgot to say GOD BLESS YOUR MOTHER(and make sure you say "Hi" to her for me because i havn't seen her for ages. Anyways KEEP UP THE GREAT work I am so proud of you!!!!!!! From Sonya<3

  4. Hay Siniva I really like how you describe your mum, she is really special
    to you. from Meleseini