Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Reflection

                      This Is from Last week and these are the things I've discover and Learned! 


This Week I felt that Maths was one of the best subject I had worked with.. 

New Topic of The Year!

         ...New Topic of the Year is.... 

      Because of the opportunity of having milk every week from the Fonterra in pleasant the teachers thought it would be best.

Thank you Fonterra! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Blind Man

We had to write our understanding of the story of the blind man.
The words that capture my attentions was How Jesus spoke
 " Your Blindness is not caused from you sins and your parents sins, but is blind by the power of God."


My Drawing of the Story
..Hub One Understanding..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Math- Basic Facts

My Progress.
Learn. Progress. Achieve.

New Reading Site

Hi there its Siniva,
I've had just discover a new reading site that makes everything better which is GREAT!
Its simple to work with but now, I'm reading this new book Divergent!
Awesome book and it was written from young author name Veronica Roth

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review

Hi there it's Siniva! 

I had just finished reading this book! I am really proud of myself after reading this book non-stop. This Book is based about the Trojan war that happen more then thousand years ago, it was about the war between the Greeks and Troy.  

It all started with Prince Paris who had his wish granted by the God of Love, Beauty and Sexuality Aphrodite. She is well known for the story of The Golden Apples with Hera and Athena when Paris chose her as the fairest one when she rewards him with the most beautiful women Helen. He captures her from her fine home where they stole all fine jewellery as Helen left her daughter behind same as her Husband. 

From there their were two sisters name Xanthe and Marpessa. Goddess Aphrodite enjoyed a trouble and the heat. She made a plan with both of the sisters. With Alsator of noble blood. After reading this book, I just wanted to cry. The quality of this book is beyond. So get a Copy! the author is a great writer her name is Adele Geras. 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Reflection

This is my Reflection I do every WEEK! 

This was from last week and this is what I've learned. 

New House..

My Old house 
                                           (Hall way) 
I've walked through this hall way, since I was born. This has been my home for 11 years and to move out is heartbreaking. My Nana has no choice but to leave. Because of the Housing New Zealand project to make Glen Innes to become a suburbs like Mission bay and St Heliers because of the economy. Personally I think the idea of it is big and of course it will be change to those who have been around the area for years. It has effect many of those who have respond in anger. 
Anyway sadly this is the only picture I've have of my nana's old house.

                                         (New Hall way) The days have just begin! 
This is the result of my Nana's new place and also my aunts and uncles. It has six bedrooms 2 bathrooms including toilets and 3 toilets. My tears has dried up after feeling home sick! 
I always have the thought of the back of my head, repeating. Where I use to live with my nana was once the heart and the soul of my family and saying now this will be a new start! 
This has been a roller coaster! and I am glad to share some of my personal things!

                                         (Outside) I have a thing with taking photos lately. 
                                         (A wall of memories.) photos that were taken in the past.

Soul Friend- Macky

“ Soul Friend?” What is a Soul friend.

Well I can tell you, that a Soul Friend is more likely to be someone you can talk to, pray with and learn with and do all those sort of things, having a soul friend is like finding your little fan who will always be in your face. Asking you for advice and helping them with things they find hard to understand. Being the older one, you play the role as the role model, teach them how to be polite to others and little things that they need to work with. But before we said our vows of course! we had to get to know each other. This is my Soul Friend.

His name is Macky. His personality may be quite immature, childish and annoying and sharp I’ll tell you but once you get to know him you love him.

He Attends St Pius X School and he is eight years old.
He has ten siblings,seven brothers and three sisters and his Best Friend is Samuel.
His dislikes are getting into trouble from the teachers, mistakes and Pop-up faces. But on the other side he enjoys going to the beach in his free time, going to school to learn and to socialize with his buddies and sometimes like to be active and do some exploring.

His Favourite Food is Mcdonald and his Favourite Book is written from Roald Dahl which is Charlie and the chocolate factory and his favourite subject is Maths.
He enjoys playing rugby which infact is a hobby of his.
He is a regularly boy who loves to play those shooting games like hitman 2 and his favourite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z and he watches Shortland Street which is his favourite program and his favourite actor is Pua Magasiva who plays Vinnie.  
Macky favourite Movie is Narnia and his Favourite Fruit is Apple! which is the same with me. His favourite singer is Nathaniel who sings you.
Also he likes the colour red, the colour of pure blood.
And his favourite song is you! from Nathaniel who was discovered by X factor.

I look forward to know Macky better than I know him now. I'm looking forward to have conversations with him and I'm looking forward to help him with his goals in learning.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Maths Progress!

My Learning Progress for XtarMaths is growing!

                                        This Is the Site I go into!

                                              This Is My Score! which is 46!                                   

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Math/Fractions

Today for Maths our teacher has shown us a app where we could share our thinking! my friend and I were both in the same group and we were given instruction to create a wall for our maths and our term goals for this term is fractions. Once we were done creating it, we both gave each other questions that we had to answer! 
with a click of a button! you can see what we have created!  Click at the link below!