Friday, February 21, 2014

My Special Person

Opening Statement
A special person is someone who has stood by your side and has a great influence over you. Someone you treasure deep within and you love dearly, your special person is someone you admire and you look up too. Thats why my Brother is my special person.
My Brother and I has been always been close since we were young.
I enjoy his company and his time with me.
We may fight and complain about each other, but we always make up by our sense of humor.
His spirit is uplifted and he is my motivation to go on and succeed in my goals. I love his honesty and courage I see in him.
I find my brother as a threat in learning, his spot on thinking and ideas inspires me to be exactly like him.    
I love his personality and his knowledge he shares with me.
He may be grey and cold like a snake, but under his thick skin he has a warm heart.
His Unconditional love carries on even though he doesn’t tell me. Because I don’t really need to know, he shows it in his own unique way.
He is a hardworking and earning person. He is deserving and a talented young man. Despite he may be my brother but boy I can see in him. That light that brightens up and the trees that blooms. The bitterness that comes from his mouth may hurt me physically and mentally but in those words has that meaning behind it. He is a open book that I can always read into..    
The connection I share with him can never speared me from him.
I respect him and love him for the person he is. He may never hear this from me but the world will. That is why he is my special person, not my favourite but special indeed. My treasure, my gift from God and my Hero.

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  1. Hi Siniva,
    I am soo proud of you, you are a very caring and loving person and its good to know that you don't hate your brother after all. Also its nice to hear that you do understand him. Thank you for sharing this lovely story..
    Keep it up xox