Friday, November 8, 2013

Testing Week

This past week, I think that I have made great progress on my Maths. 
I was on stage four, always stuck on that level until now. For this year its  been an uneasy journey with my learning. I feel that I've been spending a lot of on my writing for this year, but for maths I been struggling to learn. Now that I had made a huge different on maths, I believe that there are still more things to learn until I get to the level where I'm supposed to be for next year. Reading and Writing were the only two subjects that I felt confidence in. What I think I need to do with my Writing, is to learn more describing words and Reading I just need to learn to express the understanding of the story. 

Even when sometimes I feel that the test is too hard, all I need to do is to put my head now and think. 
Go with what you feel and what your know. 
I am also glad that I've have progress with with my spelling. With the Score of 55, is better than the score I had in the begging in the year.  
So I believe that this year, I have made a change into my learning and same as my Attitude.  

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