Friday, November 8, 2013

Communion of Saints

Communion Of Saints....
Saint Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music. She had a great love for Music and the Lord. She had a great love for the lord and was dedicated to the Lord in a very young age. As she grew older she had plan to dedicate her life to the Lord, but that did not happened because her parents wanted her to get married, as she get Married her husband would help the poor. And she is One of the Famous and well-known saint in Rome.

Saint Francis of Assisi is a famous Saint. Who is well-known globe wide. He is the patron saint of Animals. He cared and loved God Creatures and truly a holy man. He had done many things in his life.
He preach and talked about God and he always helped and care for the poor. He preach around Europe and had a great faith in life.  
Saint Pius, he grew up in a poor family, he would save two pair of good sandals and walk home with his own bare feet. As he grew up he became a priest, he loved God with all his life. Soon he became the Pope, living the glamours life. But he stuck to her motto, I was born poor, I lived poor and I wish to died poor. 

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