Friday, November 8, 2013

My Best Writing Piece

Times flies past. Still having an Image of my father.
His dark brown eyes shine as he has a big wide
smile on his face, he has short straight dark hair.
Having the Image of his white clothes cover
with wet paint. Different  colours, orange, blue, yellow
and pink. Wearing his blue cap, as he hold his
Paint brush. His white teeth flashed, still no
luck of hearing his voice.

He always seemed to be a happy person. I still remember waking up feeling a paper wrap under my pillow which turn out to be chocolate. As I saw my other older brother awake eating it up. He love his family and especially my sister, she was the most spoiled one. The oldest one was encouraged by our father. Who told him to go play ruby. My dad had a free spirit and it wasn't easy for my sibling's to let him go.

Tears fall, tears rush. A great man has finished his fight against cancer. Not only he was my dad but he was my best friend that I had lost. He was strong, whatever got thrown at him he always fights back, then time came. When he said he just wanted to spend time with us because he knew for sure it was near the end. Still remembering at the playground with my dad and brother, playing and laughing. He was all in for memories before he went.

My dad wasn't like others dads, he didn't smack me when I was in trouble and he was did care about me and my siblings. All he did was talk it through the problems and everyday was a happy day. He was always proud of us. Well my dad did had some rules but he was a great father. Even when he’s gone, I know this is not good bye.    

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