Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading Sunshine Online/Finding the Safe..

My Reflection:

On the Sunshine online, I read finding the safe..
It was about a couple of friends who were discovering and having fun during their school holidays..

They made a stop to look at the ways near a cliff where they visit caustically. One of them, started to find coins in the strangest place.  They picked up the loose changes. They hid the money from the two bullies who came up to check what they were doing and forget about the five dollars that were in the bushes and then they hurried away excited on what to do with the money.

Carlo and his dog hurried and race up to the others, seeing the Doris had a piece of red cloth with her. Carlo urge them to come down to see what they found and soon discover a safe filled with hard core cash that layed opened and abandoned.

And only recently there saw someone up there before.

So they take the hands of matter to the cops. The police officer Long said that the money is from a local motor repair store.

But still there was one question to answer, who were the thieves. After delivering back the stolen money there found they were soo uptie on what to do about the money there were awarded with. On the street there were a couple arguing, a man and a women. The women wore a red blouse which that had a torn at the back missing a piece of cloth. So they hurried to the police station with evident's and soon the couple got charge for robbery.

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