Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Softball First Lesson!

Today was our first lesson of Softball. Our coach name is Stephanie who came all the way from U.S.A to New Zealand to teach and play softball. We had a little glimpse about our part in Softball meaning our country. Our history seems eye-opening showing how we kiwis development a love for Softball. She explained that “Black Socks” is the official name that represent our nation and said that we won the world wide championships about 4 times which definitely took me into surprise.

Later on We had a Warm up. Stephanie introduces a new game for us, named Triangle tag, we pair up into 5 or four groups of people. Then, we form a circle but one of the person has to chaser. The job for the people in the middle has to protect the person that the chaser after. So I believe its about communication and being very alert. The chaser has to be smart and can not cut through the circle.

Secondly we got in two pairs and practice underarm throwing and overarm throwing.  The skill of catching the ball while using the underarm strategy is to bend you knees open, making sure you stuck up your butt and make sure your arms and in between your legs to catch the ball. Heres a trick, if the ball is gone to the other direction don’t stand and chase after it but instead bend your knees and hustle to the direction where the ball is.

After nailing the basics, we move on to a more intense game. All about trust with the ball and being steady.
Every round would get more intense and more challenging. Thats where the butterfly came in. We open both of our arms against our chest, making it an easy target for our partner. Then once you survive the rounds, it will only get harder by having to get the long distance while throwing the ball around. It was entertaining watching them. And eventually there was a final and a two pair of girls won which brighten my day.

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