Monday, June 23, 2014

Farewell Mrs Pole

Friday 20th June 2014
Today: Mrs Pole farewell..

Mrs Pole. One of our most dedicated teachers will be leaving.
After 17 years she has finally made the decision to break the cycle.  

At Mass, students from the present and the past has come along to farewell Mrs Pole.

I felt that she inspired us to live a love learning life. To put Education first and to see beauty in things.
Mrs Pole shared many of her talents in the school. Such as Handwriting, English and Art. She was firm and strict. And was known for her famous saying, “ You make my blood boil.”

Watching the Ex-Students come up and say a little about what they have shared with Mrs Pole.I felt that Mrs Pole had a great influence  over the last generation of students of Saint Pius X school. It is hard to forget someone so well-known in our community, who she has supported over the years.

I praise her for her love of reading and having a sense of humor.
She will be dearly missed for her contribution and effort for having the interest in our learning.

I embrace her for who she is. And She will be dearly missed.

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