Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Special Place

I visualize my life as rollercoaster saying I have my highs and lows and my turns and falls. My philosophy is never back down. Let it be. Fall and you will learn on how to balance. Once you take a wrong turn you will take the right turn.
My special place has been my little treasure, is a piece of work that God hands has craft. Its a place where I can finally close my eyes and hear nothing but the stillness and the silence rhythm that repeats more than twice.
My heart and soul is surrounded by the ocean.
The beach is my special place.   

The beach has been my foundation through my life. The warmth that I haven’t felt and the affection it gives me the strength I need to carry on. The battles I stumble on and fought are just fantasy when I am there. I can also isolated myself and remove myself from the world because I find the beach unique and special. My eyes would search for a wave to wash over me and the silky sand that would run through my palm as it will slip away from my fingertips. The Sandy Shores and the blue crystal ocean are the main elements of a Beach! 

When I visual of the beach I can hear the roaring sound of the trembling wind,
the dusty sand the blows into my eyes. Waves! will rush towards me, hearing the waves slap the sandy shores. And as for myself I will wait for another wave to arrive.

The beach is a place where its contain all my memories good or bad. My heart always jumps once I get there. I slip into my togs and off I go. Nothing can be more entertaining than that. I have a nurturing love that keeps on growing for the sea. I feel easy, calm and relax as if something heavy was lifted from my shoulders.
And when I am feeling down, I can picture the bright sun shining out on to the ocean and see seagulls moping around hunting for fish. The beach is a Happy place in my point of view.

In life I can carry on with my suspicious questions. 
I always had a thing for fantasy. Mermaids were one.
The beach is more than it looks, it is the treasure that holds most of my childhood memories besides my home.
Therefore this is my special place.

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