Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Holidays!

My Holidays..
In The Water!
During the holidays my family and I went out to celebrate new years.
I arrived early in the morning at one of my relatives house.
Packed and ready but it was crowded outside as we waited for the others to arrive. We were all aware of the weather that day. Grey and cold was the way I would described it. I wasn't very thrilled about the weather, but I somehow I still had that burning feeling in me.

While dozing off to sleep, the bus was filled with loud-months and music blasting through speakers. I still remember praying, begging God to change things around which was scary. That Splash of fun would do but without the sun there will be no light to brighten things up.

After all the nagging from those little monkeys who would pop their heads right in front of me as they nagged “Are we there yet!” and again “Are we here yet!” but as my eyes studied on the roads, we were near the hills, streams and tall trees I found a distraction that would finally make the murmuring stop. I was so bored at the time but finally with the hope of being there made me skip a heartbeat.
I noticed the appealing view of Waiwera. I took a few seconds as I gasped. I saw that dazzling touch and felt that breeze, driving our way through the little village. I was pleased of the how the place turned out. Now it was time to have a little fun. After I got myself out of the bus, I strolled noticing the entrance. I shrieked “OMG! AHH!” I hung around with my older brother at the time, while we waited in line to get in. Once the rest of my family was in, we all raced to the changing rooms in the hurry to get changed. All dressed up and my belongings stashed away, now time to have fun.

One! Two! Three! We were the very first that day at the slides not even a single person went by, I was disappointed when I saw that black hole was closed. I was the one of the first customers to go down the slide. As I lay my head on the cool running water, I glanced over and saw that smile on her face. There I was, counting down, “One, Two, Three!” I rushed down like it was a race, right to the end of the slide. When I reached the bottom I crashed feeling every bone of my body crack. I felt ruthless and wild!. I always treasure the moments I had in the water with my family, our wild rides and ruthless plans. Maybe we need some lessons for our behaviours but every family is different. I would see my family as the underdogs the ones that always find our way through the spotlight.

I took time to rest as I lay next to my baby brother at the barbeque base. I giggled as I lay my head beside him, tickling him having a special time. Later on that day we had a big feed, heaps of meat and love was put into the feed. All in a line, we took time scooping and picking. My family was united and connected as ever, everyone laughing and having their small chit-chats, it was a fun time. I ate as much as I could, but then I thought back and realised that I made a big mistake. Waiting half an hour wasn't that bad. But once I got on my feet I rushed ahead to see what my family was doing.

A few hours had gone, soon I was swimming around floating. We finished playing our little games and after knowing that I was the bait all along. It was fun at first but being thrown to the water over and over again was not much as fun at first.  After our day out, it was time to say our goodbyes to the place. I strolled back to the bus, packed. Waving Good Bye, going back to the long journey on the road.

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