Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mockingjay ending

Mockingjay Ending:

I have just finished the Mockingjay written by Suzanne Collins. To give a vocabulary list of a description of the book, it was. Phenomenal, Dark, Emotional, Dramatic, Intense Deadly, Impulsive and lastly Heartbreaking. 
I personally thought that there was no sunshine in this book. It created little Scenarios that led on to a big conclusion. I sympathize and grief for characters such as, Finnick, Katniss and Johanna.

My Favourite part of the story is the ending.
That thing that Peeta does when he asks what is real or not real. How Peeta Ask Katniss if she loved him real or not real? 

Whispering "You love me? Real or not real?" and she tells him. "Real" 

I thought the book was romantic, the thing I was stuck on. That Coin had allowed that bomb that Gale and Beetee design. Not only Coin used it to kill several of the capitol children, she used it to kill her own medics which includes Prim. 

Katniss was clever enough to realize that Coin had kill Primrose by putting Prim in the front line of the War. Prim has not been given the privilege of being a Solider and was sent to fight. At the Age of 13. And Pulling that scenario, on how Coin drop the second bomb knowing that Prim had gone to help and Katniss was still down there, was just a sneaking move.

My Theory is, Coin saw Katniss as a threat and knowing that she is the face of the rebellion only made her more powerful than she is. So getting rid of Prim would destroy Katniss. 
Coin never liked Katniss in the beginning, she always favoured Peeta. Boggs had warned Katniss. If Katniss immediate answer isn't Coin for being the new leader then she is a threat.

Besides all the Drama, Coin died after all. It was for the best. She was just as worst as President Snow.

Lastly I will like to say, I highly recommend this to a mature audience. And it is a must read! 


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