Friday, August 23, 2013

Feast Day Of Saint Pius

Today we celebrated the Feast Day of Saint Pius. The started out heavy and grey, with rain pouring heavily. Students stumbling through the puddles making there way to the church. It seem really grey and wet. I quickly ran to the office to drop my bag and run. Dipping the tips of my fingers into the round wooden bowl, as I quickly enter in without a head turning. We sat and carefully listen to the readings of the gospel, Father talked about a story how a poor boy named Jimmy who would go to the front of the altar and say Jesus Jimmy is here. It was a very lovely story. Mass ended, we were all told to go to the hall where we would have our our slice of cake. What I would say my favourite quotes from Saint Pius that he said I was Born Poor, I lived Poor, I wished to Die Poor.

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