Friday, August 2, 2013

Going Solo

Title: Going Solo Author: Roald Dahl Date started: 29/7/13 Date finished: ______Not yet..______ What was the book about? The book in the beginning shows how Roald Dahl's life was like before he became an Author. His life so far is about the second war world, as he fought and discovered the world. Everything was ruined, he mention in his diary. He drifted away in a boat to Africa to fight the enemy. What did you like about the book? When he talks about he is surrounded by dotty people. ( Crazy people.) And when he also talks about the interesting people he meets. What was your favourite part of the book? Every little Bit, when you read this book you get a taste of surprise. Because he talks about every excited moment About his life. How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars. (5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)

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