Monday, March 24, 2014

New House..

My Old house 
                                           (Hall way) 
I've walked through this hall way, since I was born. This has been my home for 11 years and to move out is heartbreaking. My Nana has no choice but to leave. Because of the Housing New Zealand project to make Glen Innes to become a suburbs like Mission bay and St Heliers because of the economy. Personally I think the idea of it is big and of course it will be change to those who have been around the area for years. It has effect many of those who have respond in anger. 
Anyway sadly this is the only picture I've have of my nana's old house.

                                         (New Hall way) The days have just begin! 
This is the result of my Nana's new place and also my aunts and uncles. It has six bedrooms 2 bathrooms including toilets and 3 toilets. My tears has dried up after feeling home sick! 
I always have the thought of the back of my head, repeating. Where I use to live with my nana was once the heart and the soul of my family and saying now this will be a new start! 
This has been a roller coaster! and I am glad to share some of my personal things!

                                         (Outside) I have a thing with taking photos lately. 
                                         (A wall of memories.) photos that were taken in the past.

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