Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review

Hi there it's Siniva! 

I had just finished reading this book! I am really proud of myself after reading this book non-stop. This Book is based about the Trojan war that happen more then thousand years ago, it was about the war between the Greeks and Troy.  

It all started with Prince Paris who had his wish granted by the God of Love, Beauty and Sexuality Aphrodite. She is well known for the story of The Golden Apples with Hera and Athena when Paris chose her as the fairest one when she rewards him with the most beautiful women Helen. He captures her from her fine home where they stole all fine jewellery as Helen left her daughter behind same as her Husband. 

From there their were two sisters name Xanthe and Marpessa. Goddess Aphrodite enjoyed a trouble and the heat. She made a plan with both of the sisters. With Alsator of noble blood. After reading this book, I just wanted to cry. The quality of this book is beyond. So get a Copy! the author is a great writer her name is Adele Geras. 


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