Monday, March 24, 2014

Soul Friend- Macky

“ Soul Friend?” What is a Soul friend.

Well I can tell you, that a Soul Friend is more likely to be someone you can talk to, pray with and learn with and do all those sort of things, having a soul friend is like finding your little fan who will always be in your face. Asking you for advice and helping them with things they find hard to understand. Being the older one, you play the role as the role model, teach them how to be polite to others and little things that they need to work with. But before we said our vows of course! we had to get to know each other. This is my Soul Friend.

His name is Macky. His personality may be quite immature, childish and annoying and sharp I’ll tell you but once you get to know him you love him.

He Attends St Pius X School and he is eight years old.
He has ten siblings,seven brothers and three sisters and his Best Friend is Samuel.
His dislikes are getting into trouble from the teachers, mistakes and Pop-up faces. But on the other side he enjoys going to the beach in his free time, going to school to learn and to socialize with his buddies and sometimes like to be active and do some exploring.

His Favourite Food is Mcdonald and his Favourite Book is written from Roald Dahl which is Charlie and the chocolate factory and his favourite subject is Maths.
He enjoys playing rugby which infact is a hobby of his.
He is a regularly boy who loves to play those shooting games like hitman 2 and his favourite cartoon is Dragon Ball Z and he watches Shortland Street which is his favourite program and his favourite actor is Pua Magasiva who plays Vinnie.  
Macky favourite Movie is Narnia and his Favourite Fruit is Apple! which is the same with me. His favourite singer is Nathaniel who sings you.
Also he likes the colour red, the colour of pure blood.
And his favourite song is you! from Nathaniel who was discovered by X factor.

I look forward to know Macky better than I know him now. I'm looking forward to have conversations with him and I'm looking forward to help him with his goals in learning.

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