Thursday, April 3, 2014

Writing Results Term 1 E-Asttle

For Writing my overview is 4B
My Results
My Goal is to Reach R5 at the end of the year, practising writing on daily basis also reading more books on the holiday.
These are the things I will be focusing..
*Punctuation- Be careful with my writing
*Structure- Get it write and elaborate.
*Organistion- Place every idea in each paragraph
*Ideas- Be more creative to reach R5
*Vocabulary- Add more interesting Words that can Improve my writing..

You are surrounded by society, another races around the world.
In this world you may find your treasure of having a relationship another person you have in common with. But reality is the truth hurts, you may be friends with someone you haven't seen before or maybe someone on the run. But my question is what does it mean to be a good friend?
and to every side of a story there is a good and bad.

Friends are you armor and shield, they protect from any harm that comes along and same as you too.
The confusion is how do you know that your friends are your friends. Friends are a figure that stand by you and helps with your education same as your outside life. Good friends help those who are struggling with little things in life. Friends support those who are going through a bad time, friends are also person that you can always talk too. However friends can be a two face liars, they lie and spill all your secrets or they spread rumors about you around wherever you are. But before you judge your friends or friend on the spot you should think first of what have you done to make her or he hate you. They may hate because of your foolish behaviour or they may hate you because they haven't let go of the past or maybe they are just not good friends. But the truth about friends they will never tell a lie, they will say something if theres an elephant between you, friends care if you're suffering and friends will always make you laugh at their sense of humor. Good friends care because they love you for the unique person you are.

The world is full of people if the people were friends with everyone, they would be no hate or drama, just a clean society with no gossip or rumors to fuss over about. Also power comes along, people with such power would get rid of all those they hate. But those who forgive and who seek for friendship and peace are those who have the good in their heart. The world is full of Juvenile personally and foolish thinkers who dislike and judges everyone on the spot for who they are. If everyone were friends, they would be no wars and fights. Friends are the treasures in life, they are the gold in the pot, if no one were friends this place would be nothing but a wasteland that was left behind. In history friendship and believes were the key to solve the most dangerous problems that had lived on till now. The 21st century and the world has changed. People are begin to kill innocent human beings for the wrong reasons, how can the world change when countries still carry on grudges over other countries because of their past. It is not civilians thinking, people are just stirring up a huge storm to make a disaster. History repeats again, it is very familiar for war to strike again. This world still haves unsolve problems that haven't been solve because of the lack of effort they have between each other.

Do you see how it is important to have a relationship with a person. Friends come along so often waiting for a opportunity to experiences that fun and blast. Friends are the goal in this world. You are surround by different races around the world, respect it and protect it. And don't cause any harm to hurt others.
Every race belongs in this world. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are, you can make a change.

A relationship with someone is a goal that you can go on to succeed in life. Friends are special and only come along once a lifetime, if this world was full of positive people all the negatives would just slowly fade away. I suggested if you want to make the world a better place firstly start to be nice and also thoughtful about the other people, if they have criticisms about you and say what they think of you. Accept it and move on knowing your doing the right. They may think they have the right to leave comments about you but personally I think that no being has the right to say. Be a good friend and be a positive person.

Thank you! I didn't edit it because this is how my writing is..
Under 45 mins. 

..In my Writing Test!..

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