Thursday, April 3, 2014


What are some of the difficulties you have when you try to pray?
-Distracted by people and things.
-Not Being able to express the way I feel.
-Trying to put my focus and trust in God.
-Becoming unfaithful to my religion  
-Not helping the way I feel and questioning my faith?
-My disbelieves and doubts about God.

What is the Maori word for prayer?

What is the best way for you to pray?
-Reading the Bible
-Being Alone in the Church and putting my faith on the line
-Praising and spreading the word of the lord
-Shuting and closing my eyes tightly, picturing the journey Jesus went through.
-Opening my ears and breathing the holy spirit in me.

Who helps you to pray?
-Having Faith in God when I try not to question my faith about God
-Listening to the powerful words that had carry on for centuries
-Knowing that I come from a Religious family, that has a strong background of being strong catholics people.
-Knowing that I am a person who was baptized under the root God and having the honor the receive the bread and wind.

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