Thursday, April 3, 2014

Explanation Writing about Glendowie College

 Explanation Writing.

Glendowie College is one of the best school in Auckland because
It has many opportunities for pacific islanders children like myself helping them achieve their goals around particular areas that they struggle with. Another reason why I want to go to Glendowie College because it is  Great school because of the attitude that students bring to encourage other students to inspirited them to push the boundaries.

My point of view of Glendowie College is that the school is more likely to be a private school because the school first priority are the children who live in the local area, who are “In zone.” Which I find interesting since I live in the area. Which makes me feel more confident about my chances getting in and it is one of the reasons why I enrolling.

Secondly, Glendowie College has a high expectation for the students who attend Glendowie College because of their rules. The rules have a limit and are very strict but not cruel. I would be delighted to be known as a Student who attend Glendowie College.

The high quality and academic achievements will help me prepare me to be ready for the outside world. Period. Once reality hits I will be more prepare and fully developed with an open mind that I’ve learned from Glendowie College.      
Thirdly, having a simple routine in the morning every day will be more unchallenging from having to struggle from waking up in the morning and having to be so worried all the time. And my mother will be released from troubles and worries without

Also my mother want’s me to attend Glendowie College because she cares about my education, she know that the school has the support I need to get through. She has struggle enough and I use her as my motivation to give it. After going through her life lessons “Mother knows best” , she will help me with the decisions I’ll make in the future to get what I want of life. Glendowie College is one.

In the past two of my older siblings have attend Glendowie College, my older sister is an ex-student but had achieve her goals in her education and it has changed her and my brothers life dramatically, changing their point of view of how they think of learning.
Glendowie College will support in my journey. Glendowie College will help me capture my dreams and to vision where I want to be in life. I will put my focus to my learning all the time, showing eager and not letting that opportunity be taken for granted.
Lastly It would be a fresh start, putting myself in the open and displaying myself around strangers I barely know. The school is a mix of different students who have comes from all parts of the earth. Being able to hear their stories and their traditions will be amazing and moving. Glendowie College is well known for the many cultures that lives within the school. I do not want to be in a school who are negative about their learning, I want to be able to go to a noble school with intelligence students with high standard. I want to surround myself with positive people and it will be an experiences. I am certain this will change my life benefits and I am eager to know what will happen then.

Therefore these are my aspects and my particular reasons why I am so eager and thirsty to go to Glendowie College as my next step in learning.

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