Friday, July 25, 2014

Expressive Writing

We have been doing Expressive Writing for the last five days. 
This is my best writing so far. It is about the first day of school.

First day of school. 

The thought of school, only made me more depressed. 

I have isolated the thought of school for the past 2 weeks. Until, now. Homework, socializing, participating. Are so overwhelming. To express my dislike for school could only lead to hate. 

But, still. There is a side to everything. Dislikes and likes. 

The perfect word to explain on, how I was feeling was. Nervous. You can never be sure until you try. 

Their were mixed emotions at first. 
A wave of anxiety will attack me at first. Then haunting comments will follow my path. 

Slowly, I will inhale in the open air. All but hope will be there. 

I felt stuck, like if I couldn't breath, speak or swallow. 
Pain demands to be felt.  
Thats what I know. 

Old memories from the past can still affect you in many ways. 
The End  

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