Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reflection of Today

Today, we had a revealer who's name is Mr Lintott. Truly. He inspired me. It was amazing how he set out on how that  our culture was being over taken by Other nations. For example. Halloween. He told us, when he was young Halloween wasn't even a thing back then. 
Now it has become a big event, celebrating the super natural world. "Our Nation" is becoming the other "Nation" Which was a funny thing. Copying the other. Then I had a think about what he said. "You probably know more about america more than you know about new zealand" 
He spoke the truth. But what he said wasn't on it owe, it came from matariki. He was trying to give us motivation about our country, and to learn more where we're from. 
I enjoyed his talk to us. For the first time, I've actually opened by ears.. Today was a great day :)

I'm looking forward for tomorrow..  

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