Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reflection of Today & Tuesday and Wednesday

Today starts like this. 

8:26 Up! And finally Its kills me to say.. "Great its Monday" 
I'm half a sleep, forcing myself to go and brush my teeth. Which I do Poorly. Strip out naked and button up my school blouse and skirt. Put my new white sock, roll it down, above my ankle. Untangle my messy hair and braid it right down to the end. Then Jump into the car, re-reading the fault in our stars. Then Sit in class. Learn. Play. Learn. Then Go Home..

We had a early dinner. Take outs. Then while driving, I have witness a Crime. "Animal Accident" on the road. Apparently, my mother says or retells that. The truck on the other lane, ran over The Dog while he saw the Dog on the road. And Just run over it like it was some piece of rubbish. 

Luckily, the owner came along and ran across the road to help his helpless dog. It Hurt me badly. I didn't even want to eat after what I saw. The red blood flowing like a water fall. Streaming down. I closed my eyes. And bit my tongue to stop the screams that would roll off. 

Tuesday was another day of my life devoted to learning and netball. Nothing but another day gone.. Also I just wanna thank one of my favorite teachers.. Of course Mrs William for being so kind and shouting me some dinner.. Thank you! and just so you know I did eat my dinner :) 

Mr Lintott last day with us which is sad :(. 
(Hes only working temporarily). He had a great sense of humor! and is very, very intelligent. 
And I was complimented me for my expressing writing. He thought the Subject I chose was very interesting. 
Which came from the Book The Fault in Our Stars. 
Until Then I will Upload my writing! 

Very Soon I will write again! See Ya!    

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