Monday, July 21, 2014

First day of School Reflection..

What can I say....
On Sunday I could think of nothing but school!. 
School, a place where you learn, socialize, participate. Those three things were so overwhelming.
 For a Person like me. A person like Siniva. 

I haven't come across this until now. On the first day of school. 
School was isolated from the beginning when holidays began. Now its back to follow my path. Again. 

Non-stop. Memories flickering back. Sad, happy, embarrassing. A collection or a bundle of mixed emotions, attacking me at once. 

Constantly. The pain is like no other. "Clearly" 
Mentally. Not physically. But mentally. 

Like fear. Fear comes from a unpleasant experiences caused by the threat of danger or by pain and harm. 

What I fear. Is neglect, criticism and disapproval. And that comes from socializing. Dark & secretive I may be. But sometimes I can change the way I think. 
Rainbows & sunshine. Positivity! that's when I'm happy. 

But snappy or shady. Thats when I going through a unpleasant time. 

I don't understand my human nature at times. People find, dumb actions funny. 
Me: I think you look like a person who is mentally unstable. Clearly. By the way you act now wonder why?

I get really upset to when people say they didn't have time to do their home work. 
Me: I may sound hypocritical but what were you doing in your spare time. 

Or Mocking about your FEATURES. 
Me: Please. I can say pleanty about you but I chose to be the mature one and say something really mean about your attitude towards others. Because what your doing is lame and insulting to what God has created.

But any how.... My nerves eased after I attended school. And it turned out to be a good day today. 

School was awesome... Can't wait for tomorrow :) 


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