Thursday, April 10, 2014

Harold's Caravan!

Life Caravan
Yesterday at midday, my class and I were very excited to arrive at Harold's Life Caravan, which was the first time for this year.

This year we were thinking about making choices?
Lyn spoke about how we make choices everyday without realizing. But making choices comes information and facts!
If you are looking for something you really want to know always check more than twice.

Later on we learned about on how to look after your body,
like making sure you drink 5-7 glasses a day of water,
don’t skip your meals and make sure you have enough sleep.
You are supposed to have 10 hours sleep! so your body has enough energy. Because the brain stores away your memories, also vitamins and minors you have demolish. It is important to make sure that you have oxygen and water in your body.  Heres a fact I learned was, did you know that if you don’t have enough sleep you are likely to become obeast.
Exercise is serious matter, take charge of your body. Exercise influence your body to become more energized and persuade to gollop all that is healthy and good for your body.

The second thing I learned, was  about our body parts.
We explore and discovered what were our organs.
But Lynn split us in two equal groups of there by giving an organ each  that belonged to our body. We had to explain and make sure tell the right information.

There a two kidneys that are shape like a bean but about 6cm small.
The kidney has two tubes and its job is to clean the blood.
Once the job is done the waste water called urine goes down to the bladder filter going down the two tubes which causes us to go pee.

The thing I was amazed about how many body system we had.
We have a Digest system. Muscular system, Nervous system, Circulatory system, Respiratory system and skeletal system.

Their jobs are all very important one thing I learned that the heart belongs to the Circulatory system. And as for the liver is has 500 jobs!
The Digest system breaks down all your food that you ingest.

I am so thrilled that the caravan has returned to Saint Pius!
so I will treasure my time and I can’t wait to learn another loads of facts!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Milk presentation Feedback

This wall wisher show on how people scored each other, 
for our presentation, I am not happy with the feedback I got from some who were very biased. By scoring their friends high even though they did small work and scoring others very low who worked twice as hard. Not very happy but I know I did very well because they weren't paying attention! 

Milk Presentation!

Milk! I think I did really well presenting also explaining my details, still shocked but not happy with the unfair scoring but this is my own feedback and I think I did really well.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Milk presentation!
This is one of the links I use! 
Good information and awesome details. 

Basic Facts

I need to work on this and try again to get 10.
Hi there, 
This is my results for my Basic Facts for maths.
I did stage five and my score was 47/60 which is not my best. :(
I got 10/10 which I nailed.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Reflection

My Question that was given to me was,

" Most Difficult was?"

Well this week was a battle. I fought hard to get where I was supposed to be in Writing and busting my whole way through.

Also completing my work! 

Thank you! 


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Basketball-Term One

For Basketball for this week was the last for this term sadly. 
Vinny was a great coach and we all enjoy his company! 
Basketball I learned of lot, I'd learn how to jump sport. 
To tackle and to defend the ball, the tournament we had always had such a great effect on those who were so eager to win. 

Basketball is one of my favourites sport and it sad that our time has gone. We thank Vinny for his time and skills that he had taught us. We will use those skills to help us in the future.

New Dracula Volume two

Hi there,
I am happy enough to share with those who are a big fan of "Anime" especially Dracula everlasting which is a great book now I'm reading it.. 
But wait for my next post coming up with "Book Review." 
And I will spill many secrets that you will die for. 
Awesome Story Read it! Enjoy it!  


Book Review

I've just finished reading this Manga Japanese Anime Book
Which is Very interesting because this is my first time, thanks to a friend of mine shown me this and I feel in love with the book! 
Firstly to make it clear Dracula means Vampire! 

Nicholas Haker is an average teen who has just lost his parents in a tragic accident. But when he learns he is the sole heir to a vast estate from a mysterious ancestor he never knew he had, his life will never be average again. Together with his new friend, Jill Hawthorne, who has relocated from London, Nicholas discovers that he is a direct descendant of Lord Dracula, and what's worse, Dracula's spirit is beginning to exert control over him.

Under the spell of Dracula, Nicholas first order of business is to rebuild Castle Dracula stone by stone in the outskirts of Boston. There are those from Dracula's past who will stop at nothing to destroy Nicholas, and those who come to his aid and urge him to embrace his destiny. Only one loves him: the rest want to use him-in a dark war where Nicholas very soul is the battleground.

Please Read! Awesome Book!  

Explanation Writing about Glendowie College

 Explanation Writing.

Glendowie College is one of the best school in Auckland because
It has many opportunities for pacific islanders children like myself helping them achieve their goals around particular areas that they struggle with. Another reason why I want to go to Glendowie College because it is  Great school because of the attitude that students bring to encourage other students to inspirited them to push the boundaries.

My point of view of Glendowie College is that the school is more likely to be a private school because the school first priority are the children who live in the local area, who are “In zone.” Which I find interesting since I live in the area. Which makes me feel more confident about my chances getting in and it is one of the reasons why I enrolling.

Secondly, Glendowie College has a high expectation for the students who attend Glendowie College because of their rules. The rules have a limit and are very strict but not cruel. I would be delighted to be known as a Student who attend Glendowie College.

The high quality and academic achievements will help me prepare me to be ready for the outside world. Period. Once reality hits I will be more prepare and fully developed with an open mind that I’ve learned from Glendowie College.      
Thirdly, having a simple routine in the morning every day will be more unchallenging from having to struggle from waking up in the morning and having to be so worried all the time. And my mother will be released from troubles and worries without

Also my mother want’s me to attend Glendowie College because she cares about my education, she know that the school has the support I need to get through. She has struggle enough and I use her as my motivation to give it. After going through her life lessons “Mother knows best” , she will help me with the decisions I’ll make in the future to get what I want of life. Glendowie College is one.

In the past two of my older siblings have attend Glendowie College, my older sister is an ex-student but had achieve her goals in her education and it has changed her and my brothers life dramatically, changing their point of view of how they think of learning.
Glendowie College will support in my journey. Glendowie College will help me capture my dreams and to vision where I want to be in life. I will put my focus to my learning all the time, showing eager and not letting that opportunity be taken for granted.
Lastly It would be a fresh start, putting myself in the open and displaying myself around strangers I barely know. The school is a mix of different students who have comes from all parts of the earth. Being able to hear their stories and their traditions will be amazing and moving. Glendowie College is well known for the many cultures that lives within the school. I do not want to be in a school who are negative about their learning, I want to be able to go to a noble school with intelligence students with high standard. I want to surround myself with positive people and it will be an experiences. I am certain this will change my life benefits and I am eager to know what will happen then.

Therefore these are my aspects and my particular reasons why I am so eager and thirsty to go to Glendowie College as my next step in learning.

Maori Patterns

This is my work and this is what I've learned today about Maori Patterns..
..Ko Siniva tōku ingoa..

Ko Agnes tōku māmā  -  My mother’s name is
Ko Sanela tōku pāpā  -    My father’sname
Ko Siniva tōku nanny  -   My grandma’s name

Ko (name) tōku koro  -

Ko (name) tōku iwi -

Kei Glen Innes tōku kāinga  
Ka haere au ki te Kōhanga Reo/kura o St Pius X Catholic School.

New Maori Words

New Maori
Iwi- people, tribes.
Ihi- Power, authority.
Whare Karakia- Church Building
Karakia- Prayer, Grace.

tēnā koe                       Tēnā koe- Thank you.

Maths New Skill!

New Strategies:
How does it help:
It helps me have a better understanding with my numbers.

Also it very simple to work with and I can use it when I don’t understand something.

Basic Facts up to 10

Hi there,
this my basic facts up to 10..

What Prayer Means

This is what we say everyday at the end of the day..
What Prayer Means:
At the end of the day we come to god to say “Thankyou.”
We thanking God for what he has done..
For everything we have done that has hurt others we are sorry.
We ask him for forgiveness
So please us when we go home and may we bring your love and peace to our families.
We pray for his love and peace to bring to our family.


Milk Information

My Sub question is- Animals that Consume Milk or Produce Milk?

Q) Animals that consume milk?

A) Well many female mammals produce milk at the time of being pregnant, same as Monotremes- type of bred that doesn't give birth instead they lay eggs eg Type of Bird..

Q) What can of Mammals and Monotremes that produce Milk?

A) Cows, Donkeys, Tigers, Pandas, Lions, Camel and many more...

School Bloging!

Add caption
Almost finished with all my 
Blogging! Yay! 

School Blogging! 


..Data Detective Poster..
Statistic Work with Valenisia and Jane!
Data Detective!
Video Helps!

My Special Place

I visualize my life as rollercoaster saying I have my highs and lows and my turns and falls. My philosophy is never back down. Let it be. Fall and you will learn on how to balance. Once you take a wrong turn you will take the right turn.
My special place has been my little treasure, is a piece of work that God hands has craft. Its a place where I can finally close my eyes and hear nothing but the stillness and the silence rhythm that repeats more than twice.
My heart and soul is surrounded by the ocean.
The beach is my special place.   

The beach has been my foundation through my life. The warmth that I haven’t felt and the affection it gives me the strength I need to carry on. The battles I stumble on and fought are just fantasy when I am there. I can also isolated myself and remove myself from the world because I find the beach unique and special. My eyes would search for a wave to wash over me and the silky sand that would run through my palm as it will slip away from my fingertips. The Sandy Shores and the blue crystal ocean are the main elements of a Beach! 

When I visual of the beach I can hear the roaring sound of the trembling wind,
the dusty sand the blows into my eyes. Waves! will rush towards me, hearing the waves slap the sandy shores. And as for myself I will wait for another wave to arrive.

The beach is a place where its contain all my memories good or bad. My heart always jumps once I get there. I slip into my togs and off I go. Nothing can be more entertaining than that. I have a nurturing love that keeps on growing for the sea. I feel easy, calm and relax as if something heavy was lifted from my shoulders.
And when I am feeling down, I can picture the bright sun shining out on to the ocean and see seagulls moping around hunting for fish. The beach is a Happy place in my point of view.

In life I can carry on with my suspicious questions. 
I always had a thing for fantasy. Mermaids were one.
The beach is more than it looks, it is the treasure that holds most of my childhood memories besides my home.
Therefore this is my special place.

Writing Analysis

This is my Writing Analysis Sheet..

Writing Results Term 1 E-Asttle

For Writing my overview is 4B
My Results
My Goal is to Reach R5 at the end of the year, practising writing on daily basis also reading more books on the holiday.
These are the things I will be focusing..
*Punctuation- Be careful with my writing
*Structure- Get it write and elaborate.
*Organistion- Place every idea in each paragraph
*Ideas- Be more creative to reach R5
*Vocabulary- Add more interesting Words that can Improve my writing..

You are surrounded by society, another races around the world.
In this world you may find your treasure of having a relationship another person you have in common with. But reality is the truth hurts, you may be friends with someone you haven't seen before or maybe someone on the run. But my question is what does it mean to be a good friend?
and to every side of a story there is a good and bad.

Friends are you armor and shield, they protect from any harm that comes along and same as you too.
The confusion is how do you know that your friends are your friends. Friends are a figure that stand by you and helps with your education same as your outside life. Good friends help those who are struggling with little things in life. Friends support those who are going through a bad time, friends are also person that you can always talk too. However friends can be a two face liars, they lie and spill all your secrets or they spread rumors about you around wherever you are. But before you judge your friends or friend on the spot you should think first of what have you done to make her or he hate you. They may hate because of your foolish behaviour or they may hate you because they haven't let go of the past or maybe they are just not good friends. But the truth about friends they will never tell a lie, they will say something if theres an elephant between you, friends care if you're suffering and friends will always make you laugh at their sense of humor. Good friends care because they love you for the unique person you are.

The world is full of people if the people were friends with everyone, they would be no hate or drama, just a clean society with no gossip or rumors to fuss over about. Also power comes along, people with such power would get rid of all those they hate. But those who forgive and who seek for friendship and peace are those who have the good in their heart. The world is full of Juvenile personally and foolish thinkers who dislike and judges everyone on the spot for who they are. If everyone were friends, they would be no wars and fights. Friends are the treasures in life, they are the gold in the pot, if no one were friends this place would be nothing but a wasteland that was left behind. In history friendship and believes were the key to solve the most dangerous problems that had lived on till now. The 21st century and the world has changed. People are begin to kill innocent human beings for the wrong reasons, how can the world change when countries still carry on grudges over other countries because of their past. It is not civilians thinking, people are just stirring up a huge storm to make a disaster. History repeats again, it is very familiar for war to strike again. This world still haves unsolve problems that haven't been solve because of the lack of effort they have between each other.

Do you see how it is important to have a relationship with a person. Friends come along so often waiting for a opportunity to experiences that fun and blast. Friends are the goal in this world. You are surround by different races around the world, respect it and protect it. And don't cause any harm to hurt others.
Every race belongs in this world. It doesn't matter who you are or what you are, you can make a change.

A relationship with someone is a goal that you can go on to succeed in life. Friends are special and only come along once a lifetime, if this world was full of positive people all the negatives would just slowly fade away. I suggested if you want to make the world a better place firstly start to be nice and also thoughtful about the other people, if they have criticisms about you and say what they think of you. Accept it and move on knowing your doing the right. They may think they have the right to leave comments about you but personally I think that no being has the right to say. Be a good friend and be a positive person.

Thank you! I didn't edit it because this is how my writing is..
Under 45 mins. 

..In my Writing Test!..


Hi there its Siniva,

I have to share how many post I've done! 


Map of Pacific

Map of Pacific
*There are three pacific groups,
Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia.

*New Zealand is part of the Polynesia triangle.

*Polynesia is the biggest out of the three.

*Solomon Island is part of Melanesia.

*Polynesia comes from the word Poly which means Many & much

*Melanesia comes from the word Mela which means dark-skin

*As for Micronesia meaning small.