Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rainbows! - Reading Comprehension

Tuesday 10th June 2014
Rainbows Reading Comprehension:
😂 Rainbows 😂

I got 87% Right :)

My Retail:
I learned that Rainbows are often seen after a Rainstorm or during a Rainstorm.
A Rainbow is caused when the sunlight shines through raindrops.
There are different colours, like blue, green, yellow, purple, indigo and orange. But the Colour Pink is not part of the Rainbow.

I found out that their are double Rainbows. It is caused when the light reflects twice inside the water droplets. And in most double rainbows the colours that start from the bottom will be on top and the top colours will start in the bottom.

Sometimes Rainbows appear at Night they called Moonbows.
Instead of the Sunlight it is the Moonlight that reflects on raindrops.
The Colours of the Moonbows are White. But are very rare.

This is What I’ve Learn.

This is my Reading Results.. 
This is What I had to read =3

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