Friday, June 13, 2014

Holy Spirit Pentecost

Monday 9th June 2014
What happened ?
- The Holy Spirit was sent to earth to enable the Apostles.
To Gain faith and hope again..

Who was there?
- Apostles. Holy Spirit.

What did the apostles do.
- They were scared at first and then later on, they were enable by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gods News.
What are the key things that happened?
- The Keys are the.
The Holy Spirit being sent down to earth
The Violent Wind- Holy Spirit from heaven
The tongues of Fire that spread...
The Apostles being able to speak many languages.
And Not being scared anymore..

Main Point?
Subject: Holy Spirit comes at Pentecost
Details: The Holy Spirit help them.
The Main Idea: The Holy spirit comes at Pentecost and helps them to not be afraid. Help their faith..    

The Apostles were scared and afraid of the Jewish leaders so they locked themselves in a room to hide away. Jesus had already promised them that he will sent them the Holy Spirit to help them.
While they were stuck in the room, a Violent wind from heaven filled the whole house. And tongues of fire separated and rested on each of the apostles and everyone one of them were filled with the Holy Spirit. Which enabled to not be scared anymore.

They hurried to spread the news of God!
They spoke many languages which amazed the people from different countries who understood there languages they spoke.

But However some, made fun and teased them. Saying that,”They had too much wine.” Which are the ones who do not believe.

But Peeta come along and tried to convince them, quoting it was only 9 in the morning. He said that the father said that he will pour the holy spirit on his people.