Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reading- The Fight

Thursday 12th June 2014
Reading:- The Fight

Jeff came back home with a black eye and explain to his father what had happen. He told his parents that he was only protecting himself and his friend. His dad was fine with it first until his sister came along and retold the whole story to discover that the School Bully was A Girl!   

Main Idea?
Subject: The Fight
Details: Jeff came back home with a Black Eye and explain what happen. And said he had no choice but to punch the bully to help his friend and because the bully punch him first. His father was fine at first, until his sister came along and bragged about to discover that the Bully. Lindsay, was a girl.
Main point: Fighting is not the answer. Even if they hurt you, its better to walk away.

Unknown Words:
Pacifist- A person who is against war and violence.

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