Friday, August 8, 2014

Best Expressive Writing

Last Week!
Friday August 1st 2014
Expressive Writing 31/714
*To use variety of sentences to create effect in my writing
*To add more details in my writing by using descriptive words, simile and metaphor.

My Best Writing for this week:
Subject: Death, Pain and Death.

A Quote written by a author, John Green said “Pain demands to be felt.” Which is true, the quote belonged to one of his best-seller book, The Fault In Our Stars. I had this strange love for it. Truly. Because I have been a witness of cancer. I fell in love with it, like the way you fall asleep, slowly, then all at once.
John Green and I, shared this bond between “Understanding” the side effects of cancer. We both understood it. Even though he didn’t even know me.

My father lived a life of cancer in his 30’s, unfortunately, he was unable to make it into his 40s. Cancer was the only thing in his way to buy a couple of more years. He lit up like fireworks, exploding into the air. Instead his body. Burning and expanding inside of him. Getting bigger in every second, bigger, bigger and bigger.
He was fragile like a flower, trying to survive while weeds were blocking his path. Slowly dieing. Like as if Pain became one with him. He was made out of cancer. Cancer went right throughout his body, stopping his heart.  Which was also made of him. His skin were pale and cold not even able to say his last dying words to us. He died beautifully. Adding more scars to this world. “Cancer doesn’t want to kill, its just wants to live.”

Doctors gives numbers, on your chances of surviving. But thats all just a scandal.
Reality on what their trying to say is “ There more chance of you dying then living” if you were smart enough to change it to words then you’re realize you’re just another Cancer Victim. But death leads to a number of empty souls, who have disappear from this world and who no longer exist. Leaving a painful memories for the living to take in. Never once in my life have our ever stopped thinking of death or ever will. Life from life, cell from cell. Is the way life is.
Pain is like fabric, the stronger it is the more worth it is. Isn’t that true.

There is more “death people” then the living who stumble around the world like zombies. And then theres the dead, who are buried under the dirt. Hidden and locked in a box, that is payed a great amount of money, which is crazy. I believe the reasons why the dead is hidden below the earth because there is nothing to look at. But the dead. Whose life has been drained from it-self. Rotting, stopping growth.

I say, anybody can name 14 dead people. No joke. Anybody can.

You don’t get to chose if you get hurt in this world, but you do gotta say.
When you die you desperately gasp for breath. You see the rising sun in your eyes, death, facing your fate. Theres no option, you just basically die. A last day is another good day. Can’t I be more right enough? The world is not a wishing factory.
People want to be heroes, but the real heroes are the ones who notices things.
Sympathy cards, are just want people think we/cancer victims want. Its not.
A life is what they crave for. They're just normal people, who lived in a normal world.

Has Afterlife, occurs to you. But I believe in a Capital-S. Something, but I’ll change it to Somewhere. Somewhere on the other side. The stars, are like holes. As those holes shine, it is a sneak peak to heaven. Somewhere. I mean. I don’t believe the dead can comfort and haunt the living . But what I do believe this, that there is a place and time. For both. Living and the dead.  


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