Friday, August 29, 2014

Expressive Writing- Week 6

Friday 29th August 2014
Those Awkward Moments:
*Make sure it makes sense.
*To use specific words consistently.  
*To use Capital letters and full stops consisting

Those Awkward Moments?
Where do I start?, OH, Retreat!! That was the most tragic time of my life..
As careless or reckless I can be, I actually got lost in that building. Creepy floors, heavy staries, thick and noisy carpet, lastly old men who pray all day. Ew. Just, Ew.. Don’t Get me started on the leaking-horror looking bathrooms!!

I remember well, that I was the odd one out while my class disappeared or left me behind.. Unaware of their presence made it more difficult or hard to understand.
My class has left me behind empty handed and left with my instincts to follow their path... And I found them, in the middle of prayer..

Once I hit the bottom floor, I saw a big room or a chapel. But the doors were close.  
I could hear mumbling, and whispering and voices through the cracks of the door.
The door was huge and thick, I would have to push my way through... I wasn't sure if there was anyone there. So what happen was, I occidentally put a little too much pressure on the door, opening the door uncarefully and purposely opening the door, to my discovery... I interrupted big time.. Eyes and gasping took its path....

Students giggling and theres my teacher, folding her arms with a tight grip, pointing to the sit next to her..

Lastly theres was this, amazing family reunion at Saint Pius. The whole crew was there... In the middle of my uncle speech, I pretended to act in my reckless ways.. So as he started to speak, I leaned on the fragile table that collapse..
Silence... So broke into laughter, after blurting out-”Sorry?” vaguely... and with pride..

The End

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