Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reflection about Today

Today, is Saint Pius X Feast Day. Who is the patron saint our school is name after and church. I was so nervous.  Because I had to stand up, and do the first reading. I took my mothers advise. Which was, to breath in and to breath out. I did that. 

Then, when it was my turn, I nailed it. No joke! I spoke with full-power. And each word that came out of my mouth, was done beautifully. The reason why I sound so confident is because of the feed-back and comments left by locals and familys and friends. And teachers. 

We had cake, then carried on with our day..

Soon we had cross country. Each house battling out who'll win. I'm serious, I think Tuis won. (Red team) Their all fit and buff. But in the others houses, their some who dragged down the team. (Like me) Sorry for being a disappointment. 
I only went one round, I had trouble with my shoes. 

I was sound proud of my little nephew, Diego who came first for the six years old. "Go Diego go!" &  Alecia who came first for the ten years old. Good on you! 

So today so far was quite a day. TO remember. Life lesson I learned today.. Was 

Life lesson: To be confident and to have more effort. 

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