Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brown Brother Speech- Reflection

Reflection about Brown-Brother..

His Speech is based on our Stereotype. He says that colour shouldn't stop us.
He speaks about our Demographic which are Jobs that are unqualified, working on the bottom floors. Teenagers- Drop out- Stereotype being great the arts but hating educational subjects/stuff that could possibly be used in the future. He says, if (we're) I'm lucky I'll have a career in Rugby not to reveal education floors. Then he mention teen pregnancy, which can destroy your future and your child's future.
What he says is truthful, we P.I people are lacking confidence in ourselves, we are wasting valuable time adding to the ground of statics. Blaming everyone but ourselves. And using the glowing words as defensive in a argument saying "You’re A racist"

He questions us, why are we always putting our people to shame. Being the intelligent Polynesia. Will he ever change. Seen or its thought of intelligent, our fights about everything.

We are all the same. We do not belong in the bottom in the food chain. We are cable, keeping our Christian faith. Not being afraid of reaching our goals, making a change of mindset..

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