Friday, May 30, 2014

Procedural Writing/How to be a Good Friend!

Being a Good friend can actually help you gain trust, care and develop strong feelings for some people and being able to share how you feel. I like to show you how to be a Good friend and this is a special recipe that I design.
Equipment: People

Step one: A hand full of love and kindness!

Step two: A positive mind will always keep you on track with relationships.

Step three: Honesty and Commitment will show how you value your relationship.

Step four: A pinch of Vinegar and Honey will balance your relationship.

Step five: Having a Humour! Without that, there's no doubt you’ll fail..

Step six: A pinch of Criticism

Step seven: Helpfulness! is the key!

Step eight: Reach out and always have a friendly approach.

Step nine: Staying True to yourself by being COURTESY! to see who is there for you!

Step ten: Present yourself! and always have the Good intention to put your friends before you by meaning, don’t get them into trouble..

200 Post!

200 Post lets Celebrate the Number to 200! 

My next stop is to post over a 1000! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blessie's Family

I feel for the family and what they are going through at the moment.. I thank God for bringing justice to this women and her family.

Her family is going through a hard time, realizing what loss that they can never gain again. Her death may be vague and full of sympathy but her life is full of memories only to those who love her and know her.

She will be in heaven with angles, watching over them and singing over them with praise.

Just a reminder to the killer.. You should know how many people you effect and how many hate you have gained...
Life as a Christian may be about forgiving but it is also not forgetting. Think about the cause you have created to the innocent among the world and now you are now label as a criminal. 
Think about it..

May she rest in peace..
Here family..
May they find comfort.. 

Catching Fire the Hunger Games Saga

I am reading the series of the Hunger Games.. :D 

I have finally read the catching fire and now moving towards Mockingjay...

The catching fire is a spin of fear and hope..
As the capitol is threaten by Katniss stun and hear she is the Mockingjay..

Katniss is once again part of the Hunger Games but is even threaten more. 
The Quarter Quell which is every 25 years it is a reminder to those that you can't not over power the capitol.  

President Snow see Katniss as hope to those, he is doing everything he can to get rid of her... and the mocking jay..

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blessie Gotingco

After over-hearing of what happened was emotional and sad.
I recommend you read this and bring thought to this :)

May you Rest in Peace..

Car Crash in Glen Innes!

I never knew I will actually be a witness of a car crash down at a relevant house! My life flash before mine and the accident seem so suspicious! What I remember is a man in the car with the door wide open and a crack screen. My sister and I dropped off our cousins and then went straight home and rang the police.

After answering the question, I was in shock...

I was glad that I reported what happen and the only thing that went through my mind was that the police asked if it was another type of car instead of the one we describe. 

The man seem intoxicated with abuse of alcohol and unconscious. 
It was exclusive and overwhelming at the same time I was exciting and scary.   

My theory was that the man stole the car and suddenly crash on the side of the road. 
But the pieces didn't match up, the car was on the side of the road barely damaged. 

But the only damage was the crack screen, thats all. 

And my second theory that he was rob on the side of the road?
From there I was left with questions. Who could this really be...And What really happen...

(True Story happen on the 28/5/2014.) 

Reading Sunshine Online/Finding the Safe..

My Reflection:

On the Sunshine online, I read finding the safe..
It was about a couple of friends who were discovering and having fun during their school holidays..

They made a stop to look at the ways near a cliff where they visit caustically. One of them, started to find coins in the strangest place.  They picked up the loose changes. They hid the money from the two bullies who came up to check what they were doing and forget about the five dollars that were in the bushes and then they hurried away excited on what to do with the money.

Carlo and his dog hurried and race up to the others, seeing the Doris had a piece of red cloth with her. Carlo urge them to come down to see what they found and soon discover a safe filled with hard core cash that layed opened and abandoned.

And only recently there saw someone up there before.

So they take the hands of matter to the cops. The police officer Long said that the money is from a local motor repair store.

But still there was one question to answer, who were the thieves. After delivering back the stolen money there found they were soo uptie on what to do about the money there were awarded with. On the street there were a couple arguing, a man and a women. The women wore a red blouse which that had a torn at the back missing a piece of cloth. So they hurried to the police station with evident's and soon the couple got charge for robbery.

Softball First Lesson!

Today was our first lesson of Softball. Our coach name is Stephanie who came all the way from U.S.A to New Zealand to teach and play softball. We had a little glimpse about our part in Softball meaning our country. Our history seems eye-opening showing how we kiwis development a love for Softball. She explained that “Black Socks” is the official name that represent our nation and said that we won the world wide championships about 4 times which definitely took me into surprise.

Later on We had a Warm up. Stephanie introduces a new game for us, named Triangle tag, we pair up into 5 or four groups of people. Then, we form a circle but one of the person has to chaser. The job for the people in the middle has to protect the person that the chaser after. So I believe its about communication and being very alert. The chaser has to be smart and can not cut through the circle.

Secondly we got in two pairs and practice underarm throwing and overarm throwing.  The skill of catching the ball while using the underarm strategy is to bend you knees open, making sure you stuck up your butt and make sure your arms and in between your legs to catch the ball. Heres a trick, if the ball is gone to the other direction don’t stand and chase after it but instead bend your knees and hustle to the direction where the ball is.

After nailing the basics, we move on to a more intense game. All about trust with the ball and being steady.
Every round would get more intense and more challenging. Thats where the butterfly came in. We open both of our arms against our chest, making it an easy target for our partner. Then once you survive the rounds, it will only get harder by having to get the long distance while throwing the ball around. It was entertaining watching them. And eventually there was a final and a two pair of girls won which brighten my day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Math Workout?

This is very difficult until I finally got it? hows my thinking :) 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflection about Kindness Assembly

Kindness Assembly.

On Friday was nerve-wrecking and exciting but what made it nerve-wrecking was that knowing the fact that we were doing the very First Assembly for the Year. I couldn't ignore that which put a lot of pressure on myself. Each Hub had to pull of their own poem acrostic poem or song and skit.

We only did the poem and acrostic poem because the only two was our weakest point. No one wanted to do a song and secondly the skit didn't work as we planned. 

The reason why we chose the virtue because it was a need for our school to change our ways. 

The poem I shared with the school talked about caring and good deeds. I thought the school needed to pay attention and to see how kindness can help the pain go away...

Kindness is root of goodness if you practise it each day, you can see the goodness that blooms inside and changes the way you see little things in life! Keep the Kindness flowing around our world!

Assembly Pictures

Here is some of Our Assembly Pictures about...   !KINDNESS! 
Sonya and I reading the poem.
And second the whole class sitting up...
And Lastly Here is Room 7 sitting down..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weaving Island Mat

During the week we were weaving an Island Matt..

We followed the instructions that were given to us on the Procedure writing. We had to identify and add our own recommendation about the piece of writing and question the different areas.. 

I thought what was missing was warning tips and they forget to put into the materials section that scissors and ruler also a pencil were a need and glue to stick everything together. 

It took awhile quite and I realize it was harder than it looked. 


Here's Me! ^.^

N-is for Numerous

N-is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

(My Part!.)

Poems about Kindness

Acrostic Poem

We all had a part to say and each letter has a strong focus and being towards Kindness..

(Sefesi) K - K is for Knowing, Knowing what is right or wrong.

(Valensia) I - I is for intention, doing everything with good  intention.

(Latanoa) N - N is nice, the nice things you can do to people that will make their day.
(Ezra) D - D is for Dynamic, bringing a Dynamic attitude wherever we go. Home or at School.

(Siniva) N - is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

(Sonya) E - is for Effort, Having the effort to change our ways and looking after of our world.

(Christian) S - S is for sense, having a sense of when to act right or wrong.

(Dalaney) S - is for Sensible, being sensible at all times.

My Poem that Sonya and I read at the Assembly..

Kindness is a spark that gleams in each of our hearts. A spirit of warmth and care that shares the unique characters of us.  
Kindness is care, compassion, loving and bear.
Also Comfort but sadly it is rare.
Make it constant to show who is there.
Open up, let it glint and treat all those with care.
Don’t be cruel and shady like, but be the one who treats everyone right.
Make the difference of being kind. Seek for the helpless and weak who needs that sunshine.
Kindness can make a change, kindness is a solution of our endless pain.
Kindness is pure and an act of care for who ever is in fear.
Neglect and pain will all be washed away.
Look forward for the day to participate and pay attention at class and play.  
Treat yourself with care because you are not being fair. Now explore aspect in life and change the way you see things in life.

Gospel for Today/Reflection

The Gospel of John Chapter 14.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. He was our example on how God wanted us to be like. To follow in Jesus footsteps. Jesus explained to the disciples that God accepts anyone in the house of God. What he meant was to live a life full of kindness and to be happy. But the way is not to be cruel and mean to each other but to embrace others and accept everyone like how Jesus accepts you and me.
If we know Jesus we know God, I believe what he meant if we know how Jesus was. We will know God and the innocents he brought into this world.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Math-lollies Bags

12 bags. 36 lollies to fill.
But have to fill in 6 bags?

18+18= 36

how many bags do you have to fill 3 bags?

9 because I know..

9+9= is 18 so you split 18 in to half..

I divided 9 into 3 equal groups.


So One bag makes 3 lollies..
-3 lollies bags

On the Job- Math Timetables

Mrs Middleton taught us a new Strategy with timetable solving yesterday. 
Now it makes it easier for me to solve timetable problems..

Here's a Sheet I worked all my problems out..

On the Job!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Maori Feelings

We are learning on how to express ourself in Maori.

Here is some new Words! 

The Holy Spirit

My Reflection- of the reading for the following Sunday.
Holy Spirit is unique and unlike any spirit. Instead of possessing innocent and harming the body. It enables them and brings faith and hope and compassion. The Holy Spirit allowed them to speak in different languages which a Gift from God.

My Prayer.

Dear Holy Spirit of God,

I want to acknowledge and thank you for the things you have done in the past. Thank you for putting some sense into the apostles and helping them believe once again. Thank you for enabling them into the power of God. Bringing faith and hope and compassion into this world.
Give me the courage to do what is right like they did,
help me believe in myself and to not be afraid of objects that stand on my way.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Mothers Day- Mother Figure..

Why she is a Mother Figure:

“ At Birth a child is brought into this World” every child has its angel that is waiting for them and that angel will be named mum.
My Mother is my oxygen to body, literary. Everyday with her is a day I can live and breath. She is my Sustenance in my body and the water to my seed and vine.  And my Rock and Soul.

Firstly, Having a glimpse of life has only showed me how life was like for my mother. My Mother is my shield. To protect me from whatever’s changeling and unpleasant.

Her unconditional love is immortal, endless and timeless. Her tenderness love and her warmth keeps me proceed to achieve goals in my day. Her approach of being Mother deep, wise and tough. My mother has a great influence over me, she talks as if she has lived for more than a century. Her advice will help me to understand reality.

Lifeless as it gets, she’d promised to make things better. My Mother teaches me to not be rude and to love those who are arrogant, selfish and those who we dislike because of different aspects or features and reasons.

Secondly My Mother is a hard working mother. I have define my love for her and had a vision of what my mother typical day would be. At night, I listen to her doze away and snore. I find it so irritating and annoying that I will nudged her and wake her up to tell her to stop it. But after a saying I chose just live with it. She snores because of her exhaustion of feeding her children, working for hardcore cash and being a mother with so much on her plate.

Thirdly My Mother is a very capable lady. She is flexible with time, organised and stricted. Her abilities are outstanding and I find her goals a inspiration in life. She does not want to sit on her bottom and do nothing for the rest of the day. She loves working in the physical side.
She tells me that “you’re never too old” I laugh and just ignore her thoughts. Her dream is to become more than she is. To live the dream and to restart and reboot in her learning. To start her spiral of learning once again.

She may be brutal and honest. But it is a reflection that she cares.
She sets out rules and chores to get things done. When something is bothering her in a instinct she will remove it. She is very active and supportive and very concern of her children.

I dislike to see her so feed up and mad. It saddens my day to see her like this. I already know that she got enough on her plate and I try to do what right.

Even though I say I hate you? or something that is impulsive and cruel. She knows that words are just words. I’ve said words that are hurtful and dislikeful for a mother to hear. But I have never said Thank you for the past few years of struggle.

Her humor in things are silly and funny but in different situation she has a different personality every time. At times she can be the challenging or entertaining and hilarious . I amuse that the job of being a mother.  

Lastly, There is no woman can replace my mothers place. Whatever Circumstance or position we are in, Bad or Good or Great or Worst. You were there to be a shoulder to cry on and a person to ask for advice. You were there and still you haven’t left. Your one of the strongest lady I’ve met. Throughout your entire life, fate it was. You were my angel from the beginning. This bond and love we share is unique and special it is a relationship that can never be torn apart. She is everything to me, my Best Friend, My Mother or someone I can rely on.  

I wouldn’t say my mum is the best in the world.
But in my aspect and point of view, I see more than a Mother.
I see a  saint, miracle and a gift from God.
You have already given life to me and now I am here blooming and developing to the woman I am today.
Thank you mum :)

“My mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” 
― Jodi Picoult

Milk Investigation!

Milk Investigation!

Types of
How does it        look
What Colour
How does it Pour
How does it Taste?
Aim- Is to look/explore the physical side of Milk

What we did was look and explore the physical sides of milk.
How it looks, what colour, how it pours and how it tastes.

I found that Blue top milk & Green top milk had nothing in common beside being a type of milk. While the blue top milk was being poured it was coming out very slowly. It was thick and it formed bubbles as it was settled in the cup.

The Green top milk on the other hand. The Green top milk was poured fast into the cup. It settled elegantly.

As I was exploring the flavours of the blue top milk, I found the flavours quite strong and overpowering. Full fattening and quite heavy.

Green top milk was the opposite. The taste were slim and not very overpowering. I didn’t have any problem gaggling or back washing. But the flavours were very simple. Nothing unique, just plain old ordinary.  
It was very runny and easy to swallow.

Rice Milk and Soy Milk had a few things in common such as, Rice Milk and Soy Milk seem to have to same odour. Soy Milk poured quickly into the cup and seem to mingled around. It formed a few bubbles but not so many.  The taste was slightly a bit strange. Taste like nuts and almonds I believe and tasted like Flour I’ll explain.

Rice Milk was very heavy and tasted thick. Once it hit the back of my throat I felt the thickest sliding down. And was hard to take a sip.  

Uht milk temperature is not cool and cold. Its warm. Uht can stay out and doesn’t need to be put in the fridge. What I’ve learn from that aspect was that it is usually sent to the islands because of the heat over there and also for not owning a fridge.

It was bubbly, light and easy. The colour is pure white and as it poured it was like very noisy.  

Thirdy Milk Powder was the only one that is a solid. It looked very fluffy, it was felt smooth. We dabbing our fingers in the Milk Powder.
It taste like a milk biscuit. And as it poured it was like a penny dropped. It fall straight down.

Personally Condensed milk was my favourite.
It was sweet, sticky like honey and in other words sugary.
It flopped on the plate and quickly settled in by expanding through the plate.

Our Milk Results:
1. Soy

2. Rice
Runny, Creamy, light,
Bubby. Dark!
Thick, Heavy, Still, Clear, ricey. Mudwater!!
Sandy Dark, Ricey.
Runny, Light
Heavy, Glumpy, Flowy
Loud, Moving, Poppy
Creamy, Elegant
Liquidish, Light, Bubbly
Plain, Bitter, Rice, Soy, Flour
Rice, Plain, Simple, Lumpy
Warm, Cheesy, Milky
Ice Cold, Creamy, Full on fat
Watery, Not much flavour, plain.
Sweet, Dry, Powdery
Sweet, Creamy, Gloomy, thick

4. Uht
Bubbly, light,
moveable, easy. Drippy.
Pure White
Like Milk
5. Blue Top

6. Green Top
Creamy, elegant, simple, ice cold, fatty.
Bubbly, watery, very light and no favour.
Pure White
some how darker but white..
Slowly and heavy and formed bubbles. Thick.
finn and watery.
Heavy, Thick and full fattening..
Light, slim, easy. Watery.
7. Milk Powder

8. Condensed milk
Soft, Crumbly powderly and lumpy.
Thick, Honey, sticky, glossy and bright.
Yellow between white
Creamish, tanish.
Crumbly, Soft and stable..
Sticky, gooey, thick.
Powdery, soft.
solid not a liquid

Sweet, cold, sloppy and very thick