Friday, May 30, 2014

Procedural Writing/How to be a Good Friend!

Being a Good friend can actually help you gain trust, care and develop strong feelings for some people and being able to share how you feel. I like to show you how to be a Good friend and this is a special recipe that I design.
Equipment: People

Step one: A hand full of love and kindness!

Step two: A positive mind will always keep you on track with relationships.

Step three: Honesty and Commitment will show how you value your relationship.

Step four: A pinch of Vinegar and Honey will balance your relationship.

Step five: Having a Humour! Without that, there's no doubt you’ll fail..

Step six: A pinch of Criticism

Step seven: Helpfulness! is the key!

Step eight: Reach out and always have a friendly approach.

Step nine: Staying True to yourself by being COURTESY! to see who is there for you!

Step ten: Present yourself! and always have the Good intention to put your friends before you by meaning, don’t get them into trouble..

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