Thursday, May 15, 2014

Milk Investigation!

Milk Investigation!

Types of
How does it        look
What Colour
How does it Pour
How does it Taste?
Aim- Is to look/explore the physical side of Milk

What we did was look and explore the physical sides of milk.
How it looks, what colour, how it pours and how it tastes.

I found that Blue top milk & Green top milk had nothing in common beside being a type of milk. While the blue top milk was being poured it was coming out very slowly. It was thick and it formed bubbles as it was settled in the cup.

The Green top milk on the other hand. The Green top milk was poured fast into the cup. It settled elegantly.

As I was exploring the flavours of the blue top milk, I found the flavours quite strong and overpowering. Full fattening and quite heavy.

Green top milk was the opposite. The taste were slim and not very overpowering. I didn’t have any problem gaggling or back washing. But the flavours were very simple. Nothing unique, just plain old ordinary.  
It was very runny and easy to swallow.

Rice Milk and Soy Milk had a few things in common such as, Rice Milk and Soy Milk seem to have to same odour. Soy Milk poured quickly into the cup and seem to mingled around. It formed a few bubbles but not so many.  The taste was slightly a bit strange. Taste like nuts and almonds I believe and tasted like Flour I’ll explain.

Rice Milk was very heavy and tasted thick. Once it hit the back of my throat I felt the thickest sliding down. And was hard to take a sip.  

Uht milk temperature is not cool and cold. Its warm. Uht can stay out and doesn’t need to be put in the fridge. What I’ve learn from that aspect was that it is usually sent to the islands because of the heat over there and also for not owning a fridge.

It was bubbly, light and easy. The colour is pure white and as it poured it was like very noisy.  

Thirdy Milk Powder was the only one that is a solid. It looked very fluffy, it was felt smooth. We dabbing our fingers in the Milk Powder.
It taste like a milk biscuit. And as it poured it was like a penny dropped. It fall straight down.

Personally Condensed milk was my favourite.
It was sweet, sticky like honey and in other words sugary.
It flopped on the plate and quickly settled in by expanding through the plate.

Our Milk Results:
1. Soy

2. Rice
Runny, Creamy, light,
Bubby. Dark!
Thick, Heavy, Still, Clear, ricey. Mudwater!!
Sandy Dark, Ricey.
Runny, Light
Heavy, Glumpy, Flowy
Loud, Moving, Poppy
Creamy, Elegant
Liquidish, Light, Bubbly
Plain, Bitter, Rice, Soy, Flour
Rice, Plain, Simple, Lumpy
Warm, Cheesy, Milky
Ice Cold, Creamy, Full on fat
Watery, Not much flavour, plain.
Sweet, Dry, Powdery
Sweet, Creamy, Gloomy, thick

4. Uht
Bubbly, light,
moveable, easy. Drippy.
Pure White
Like Milk
5. Blue Top

6. Green Top
Creamy, elegant, simple, ice cold, fatty.
Bubbly, watery, very light and no favour.
Pure White
some how darker but white..
Slowly and heavy and formed bubbles. Thick.
finn and watery.
Heavy, Thick and full fattening..
Light, slim, easy. Watery.
7. Milk Powder

8. Condensed milk
Soft, Crumbly powderly and lumpy.
Thick, Honey, sticky, glossy and bright.
Yellow between white
Creamish, tanish.
Crumbly, Soft and stable..
Sticky, gooey, thick.
Powdery, soft.
solid not a liquid

Sweet, cold, sloppy and very thick

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