Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Mothers Day- Mother Figure..

Why she is a Mother Figure:

“ At Birth a child is brought into this World” every child has its angel that is waiting for them and that angel will be named mum.
My Mother is my oxygen to body, literary. Everyday with her is a day I can live and breath. She is my Sustenance in my body and the water to my seed and vine.  And my Rock and Soul.

Firstly, Having a glimpse of life has only showed me how life was like for my mother. My Mother is my shield. To protect me from whatever’s changeling and unpleasant.

Her unconditional love is immortal, endless and timeless. Her tenderness love and her warmth keeps me proceed to achieve goals in my day. Her approach of being Mother deep, wise and tough. My mother has a great influence over me, she talks as if she has lived for more than a century. Her advice will help me to understand reality.

Lifeless as it gets, she’d promised to make things better. My Mother teaches me to not be rude and to love those who are arrogant, selfish and those who we dislike because of different aspects or features and reasons.

Secondly My Mother is a hard working mother. I have define my love for her and had a vision of what my mother typical day would be. At night, I listen to her doze away and snore. I find it so irritating and annoying that I will nudged her and wake her up to tell her to stop it. But after a saying I chose just live with it. She snores because of her exhaustion of feeding her children, working for hardcore cash and being a mother with so much on her plate.

Thirdly My Mother is a very capable lady. She is flexible with time, organised and stricted. Her abilities are outstanding and I find her goals a inspiration in life. She does not want to sit on her bottom and do nothing for the rest of the day. She loves working in the physical side.
She tells me that “you’re never too old” I laugh and just ignore her thoughts. Her dream is to become more than she is. To live the dream and to restart and reboot in her learning. To start her spiral of learning once again.

She may be brutal and honest. But it is a reflection that she cares.
She sets out rules and chores to get things done. When something is bothering her in a instinct she will remove it. She is very active and supportive and very concern of her children.

I dislike to see her so feed up and mad. It saddens my day to see her like this. I already know that she got enough on her plate and I try to do what right.

Even though I say I hate you? or something that is impulsive and cruel. She knows that words are just words. I’ve said words that are hurtful and dislikeful for a mother to hear. But I have never said Thank you for the past few years of struggle.

Her humor in things are silly and funny but in different situation she has a different personality every time. At times she can be the challenging or entertaining and hilarious . I amuse that the job of being a mother.  

Lastly, There is no woman can replace my mothers place. Whatever Circumstance or position we are in, Bad or Good or Great or Worst. You were there to be a shoulder to cry on and a person to ask for advice. You were there and still you haven’t left. Your one of the strongest lady I’ve met. Throughout your entire life, fate it was. You were my angel from the beginning. This bond and love we share is unique and special it is a relationship that can never be torn apart. She is everything to me, my Best Friend, My Mother or someone I can rely on.  

I wouldn’t say my mum is the best in the world.
But in my aspect and point of view, I see more than a Mother.
I see a  saint, miracle and a gift from God.
You have already given life to me and now I am here blooming and developing to the woman I am today.
Thank you mum :)

“My mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” 
― Jodi Picoult

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