Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflection about Kindness Assembly

Kindness Assembly.

On Friday was nerve-wrecking and exciting but what made it nerve-wrecking was that knowing the fact that we were doing the very First Assembly for the Year. I couldn't ignore that which put a lot of pressure on myself. Each Hub had to pull of their own poem acrostic poem or song and skit.

We only did the poem and acrostic poem because the only two was our weakest point. No one wanted to do a song and secondly the skit didn't work as we planned. 

The reason why we chose the virtue because it was a need for our school to change our ways. 

The poem I shared with the school talked about caring and good deeds. I thought the school needed to pay attention and to see how kindness can help the pain go away...

Kindness is root of goodness if you practise it each day, you can see the goodness that blooms inside and changes the way you see little things in life! Keep the Kindness flowing around our world!

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