Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blessie's Family

I feel for the family and what they are going through at the moment.. I thank God for bringing justice to this women and her family.

Her family is going through a hard time, realizing what loss that they can never gain again. Her death may be vague and full of sympathy but her life is full of memories only to those who love her and know her.

She will be in heaven with angles, watching over them and singing over them with praise.

Just a reminder to the killer.. You should know how many people you effect and how many hate you have gained...
Life as a Christian may be about forgiving but it is also not forgetting. Think about the cause you have created to the innocent among the world and now you are now label as a criminal. 
Think about it..

May she rest in peace..
Here family..
May they find comfort.. 

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