Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Car Crash in Glen Innes!

I never knew I will actually be a witness of a car crash down at a relevant house! My life flash before mine and the accident seem so suspicious! What I remember is a man in the car with the door wide open and a crack screen. My sister and I dropped off our cousins and then went straight home and rang the police.

After answering the question, I was in shock...

I was glad that I reported what happen and the only thing that went through my mind was that the police asked if it was another type of car instead of the one we describe. 

The man seem intoxicated with abuse of alcohol and unconscious. 
It was exclusive and overwhelming at the same time I was exciting and scary.   

My theory was that the man stole the car and suddenly crash on the side of the road. 
But the pieces didn't match up, the car was on the side of the road barely damaged. 

But the only damage was the crack screen, thats all. 

And my second theory that he was rob on the side of the road?
From there I was left with questions. Who could this really be...And What really happen...

(True Story happen on the 28/5/2014.) 

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