Friday, May 23, 2014

Poems about Kindness

Acrostic Poem

We all had a part to say and each letter has a strong focus and being towards Kindness..

(Sefesi) K - K is for Knowing, Knowing what is right or wrong.

(Valensia) I - I is for intention, doing everything with good  intention.

(Latanoa) N - N is nice, the nice things you can do to people that will make their day.
(Ezra) D - D is for Dynamic, bringing a Dynamic attitude wherever we go. Home or at School.

(Siniva) N - is for Numerous, for the numerous times we have attempted to change our cruel ways.

(Sonya) E - is for Effort, Having the effort to change our ways and looking after of our world.

(Christian) S - S is for sense, having a sense of when to act right or wrong.

(Dalaney) S - is for Sensible, being sensible at all times.

My Poem that Sonya and I read at the Assembly..

Kindness is a spark that gleams in each of our hearts. A spirit of warmth and care that shares the unique characters of us.  
Kindness is care, compassion, loving and bear.
Also Comfort but sadly it is rare.
Make it constant to show who is there.
Open up, let it glint and treat all those with care.
Don’t be cruel and shady like, but be the one who treats everyone right.
Make the difference of being kind. Seek for the helpless and weak who needs that sunshine.
Kindness can make a change, kindness is a solution of our endless pain.
Kindness is pure and an act of care for who ever is in fear.
Neglect and pain will all be washed away.
Look forward for the day to participate and pay attention at class and play.  
Treat yourself with care because you are not being fair. Now explore aspect in life and change the way you see things in life.

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